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I've been cg for six days now and in the first 4-5 days my hair was greasy frizzy poufy mess (but better than before) and now the frizz is gone but my waves have some how slipped from a 2b/c to a 2b. I still have a spiral in my bangs but my waves are undefined! Help what am I doing wrong??:sad5:
2b waves! :love4:
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Rinse out:GFTN
Leave in:GFTN
Occasional cleanses:Live clean ACV shampoo

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  • wednesdaywednesday Registered Users Posts: 53
    Maybe your cowash conditioner is too moisturizing?
    Moisture is awesome, but too much will leave your hair greasy and limp.
    Perhaps try cowashing with Yes to Cucumbers Conditioner or Suave Naturals Coconut. They are light enough to to leave you greasy but will still condition your hair.
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    -Started CG 12/26/11

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    -cowash/condition/leave-in condition
    -comb hair
    -supersoak and apply KCCC
    -plop for 15-20 min
    -plop a pineapple overnight
    -just pineapple for second day hair

    Short 2b and growing out!
    Thanks for reading :)
  • Geek_ChicGeek_Chic Registered Users Posts: 1,275 Curl Connoisseur
    Awesomewavy, I hate to say this, but the Dove Damage Therapy conditioner you're using has a 'cone in it. If the Avon banana condish you're using is "Avon Naturals Banana and Coconut Milk Hydrating Conditioner"... it has a 'cone in it too. Both have Dimethiconol, which is a non water soluble silicone. It doesn't come out with just cowashing, and is probably a major culprit in why your waves have gone flat. So, you'll need to do a shampoo to remove it. It can be a sulfate shampoo, or you can use one that contains cocamidopropyl betaine instead. It's a gentler cleanser which will still remove the dimethiconol from your hair, without stripping it as much as a sulfate laden shampoo will.

    While you're checking out ingredients, watch out for Dimethicone copolyol, and things ending in -cone, -xane, and -conol. They're all silicones and require shampoo to remove. You want to avoid these in your products. The exception is a 'cone with PEG or PPG in front of it (PEG-8 Dimethicone, for example). PEG and PPG 'cones have been chemically altered to make them water soluble. They'll wash out with a cowash, which makes them ok to use if you're CG. Check out the CurlChemist article on silicones here for a bit more detailed info.

    Your gel is fine, since it doesn't have any non-CG ingredients, but if you're wondering what to get in place of your condishes... V05 and Suave Naturals are both basic (cheap) cowash condish lines. There are more expensive condishes with more natural ingredients if you'd like to go that route, but Suave and V05 are ok to start off with (and stick with, if they work for you). If you need a list of some CG conditioners, try here and here.
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