Curly friendly salon in Des Moines or Ames, Iowa!

vjberry20vjberry20 Posts: 3Registered Users
Hello fellow curly girls!! I have somewhere between 2c and 3a curls, and I am coming due for a cut. I've checked out the salon locator, and there just aren't enough reviews out there on any one stylist to really sway me to try one of them. Plus, the reviews are all a year or more old, and I'm looking for some more updated opinions.

I kept my hair short and angled (longer in the front than the back) for quite some time, but I have been growing it out. It's now about shoulder length. My previous stylist did a wonderful job keeping it short, but now with the length to it, she just doesn't seem to know how to manage it. I've tried a few other random salons, but have not gotten the results I want. The way it is cut now, it curls tightly at the roots and the curls just kind of fall out toward the ends.

I'm looking for something in Ames or Des Moines, or anywhere in between. I'm willing to drive a bit for a great cut, so if there is somewhere a little outside of either of those places, feel free to throw them out there.