Not My Mama's Meals

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Last night I saw a commercial for Bobby Deen's new Cooking Channel show "Not My Mama's Meals". He's going to be making over his mother's dishes so they aren't, so... butter-tacular.

Has anyone else heard about this? What do you think? To me it looks like half the butter, half the personality and one-tenth the fun that anything Paula does.
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    I did see a commercial for the show, but that whole family irritates me, so interest in watching = nil, zero, zip, zilch, nada, nein, nyet... and so on and so forth.
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    Just because you cut the butter down doesn't make it healthy. I've seen some promo for it. I can't 100% dislike Paula or her boys because even though she annoys me, she feels like home to me. I grew up eating things likes she cooks my mom is absolutely nutso about her.

    Semi-related; the cashier at Target yesterday asked where we're from (we live in CA) and after telling her GA, she asked if we like Paula Deen. :lol:

    Mrs. Paula is our state bird, y'all! It was cute.


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    I've seen Bobby on Paula's shows and he has made healthier dishes, but none of them seemed particularly exciting.

    Paula is too cute. Do you ever get a chance to watch older Paula episodes? It's way weird. Her outfits are more plain, her hairstyle is more conservative, the makeup more subtle, the accent more subdued. Food Network really turns people into caricatures of themselves.
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