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Anyone ever used one? The only person I've known was a kid in my 6th grade class who said he and his friends were playing it and it told them "I'm going to kill you." :-| His mom made him throw it away. They had one on a show I was watching several months ago. I always thought it was just a kid's toy like the Magic 8 ball but for some reason I was intrigued and looked up some info. I can't believe some of the things I read. Their usage goes so far back in time. Some of the claims people have made.... I'm inclined to believe it's kids' games. Some people take them pretty seriously though. I thought this passage was interesting (from Wiki).

"Most religious criticism of the Ouija board has come from Christians, primarily evangelicals in the USA. In 2001 Ouija boards were burned in Alamogordo, New Mexico by fundamentalist groups alongside Harry Potter books as 'symbols of witchcraft'.[13][14][15] Religious criticism has also expressed beliefs that the Ouija board reveals information which should only be on God's hands, and thus it is a tool of Satan.[16] A spokesperson for Human Life International described the boards as a portal to talk to spirits and called for Hasbro to be prohibited from marketing them.[17]
In the murder trial of Joshua Tucker, his mother insisted that he had carried out the murders while possessed by the Devil who found him when he was using a Ouija board.[18][19]
Bishops in Micronesia called for the boards to be banned and warned congregations that they were talking to demons and devils when using the boards.[20"

I didn't think anything about them until later. My aunt recently passed away and I've had a hard time dealing with her death. I've been having recurring bouts of sadness which is normal, but I also have nightmares. I can't believe I'm saying this but I feel like she's trying to tell me something. Her death was sudden and most likely a suicide. I keep thinking about the Ouija board. I feel like the most foolish person in the world because though I have a spiritual side, this is not the kind of thing I'm into. It's a toy... right? Even if it's not, it doesnt' sound like a good idea just in case there is some truth there.

Anyone have or had one? Did it work? What is your opinion of them? Please don't laugh at me... it's just a passing notion on my part. I'm not going to get one. I think I'm just tired of nightmares and the recurring thoughts about her death. I'm hoping so much for some way to communicate with her even though I know it's not possible.
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    I've one of those "crazy" people who say leave Ouija boards alone. If it helps, I come from a background that believes in ghosts and a culture (Louisiana Creole) where people often admit to having supernatural/paranormal encounters. I did use a makeshift Ouija board when I was younger, and my cousins and I had weird things happen. Voices talking to us, someone invisible touching us and a sighting. That ended my fascination with Ouija boards.

    As for your aunt, I am sorry for your loss. I think you should try to channel her through talking to her, prayer or meditation. If you want to reach into the spiritual realm, I would try to find a legitimate psychic who can help you resolve the issues you have over her death. You sound very much in pain, and I hope you the best in your time of grief.
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    The supernatural world what a mystery. I've often heard bad things happening to people dabbling with Ouija boards as well. I love a good scary movie or show involving ghosts and the supernatural but I've never encountered anything in real life if I did it would scare the crap out of me. I do know people who have had strange nightmare type things go on that they swore wasn't a dream. Voices, feeling as if they couldn't breathe, being dragged around the room & waking up. I do hope you find a way to deal with your pain I also don't think a ouija board is the best way to try and contact your aunt. Maybe the answer will come to you in a dream & through mediation/prayer....Hope you can heal in your own due time.
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    I wasn't allowed to play with them as a kid, and I can't say I ever wanted to... I stay the heck away from those things.

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    They are skeery.

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    Oiuja boards scare me.

    I lost a friend to suicide a couple years ago (most on this board know the story). It REALLY affected me. I was mess. Had tons of dreams, feelings, etc. I even had a dream where he hoped out of his casket or where he was trying to write me a note.

    My advice: write down your dreams. Analyzing those may give you the answers you are looking for. There are some good online dream dictionaries. Feel free to PM me. I no longer just brush off my dreams/nightmares.
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    I used to think they were just silly kids game things. Then I got older and learned they are actual tools used in the occult and other religions to call spirits and open 'doors'.

    I'm not interested in finding out what's true, and how well they can work. I think in situations where you can call good spirits, or energy, or what not, you risk calling bad ones too.

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    I think they're bunk.
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    I have no opinion on them, one way or another. I played with them as a kid with my friends, and nothing ever happened.

    In the early '80s, James Merrill, a poet, published a massive prose poem about his experiences over the years with the Ouija board. He claimed that he and his partner channeled the spirits of W.H. Auden, Yeats and others. It's called the Changing Light at Sandover. It's a beautiful book, but a tough read. As fascinating as it was, I could never finish it.

    ETA: I am sorry for your loss.
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    Malarky I say.
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    I played with oija boards many times as a kid, and as a young adult too. Nothing ever happened...other than my various friends pushing the thing secretly. I may even have engaged in that type of behavior too. ;)

    They're nonsense. They're just for fun. Like most supernatural stuff.
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    I prefer to stay away from stuff like that! Just the possibility scares me.
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    I don't like Ouija boards. Here's my perspective: if something is going to try to communicate with you, what are the odds it will be your loved one? I don't know if I believe in ghosts and the like, but Ouija boards creep me out--if ghosts or residual energy or whatever exist, I don't think you'd be able to pick and choose who you're communicating with. If you believe in the supernatural, it seems to be pretty standard theory that ghosts that were content pass on to the next life, and those who are unsettled, unhappy or upset find themselves tied to this one, because they don't realize they can or don't want to move on. Again, I don't know how much of this I believe, but that's the idea.

    I don't think it would hurt to talk aloud to your aunt as if she were there, though. Maybe you'll be able to feel close to her that way. I like the idea of journaling, too.

    When my grandmother died many years ago, I used to wish she'd "come back" and visit so I could talk to her one last time. I wouldn't ever want to see any other spirit--that would freak me right out--but I needed comfort. It never happened, but I wished it really hard. What HAS happened, though, is over the years, I have had several very realistic dreams in which I'm chatting with my grandmother, or hanging out at her house, etc. And I remember her just as she was: how she looked, what her voice sounded like, what it felt like to give her a hug, etc. Those dreams have been such a comfort to me, ever since she died in 1990. I love that my subconscious gives me these gifts of "new" memories occasionally, and I think that you will have similar ones if you want to--she'll always be in your heart and mind.
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    My SIL, who lost her only child in 2001, when he was only 21, embarked on a self-dream-training experiment after he died. She didn't want to lose her memories of him, so she consciously went through memories as she was falling asleep, and tried to train herself to dream of him. She tells me it's worked to a pretty good extent. She often dreams of him. Sometimes the dreams are of activities that actually happened, or close to it, and sometimes they're new activities.

    I don't think there's anything supernatural in it...just the mind working to keep a dead loved one alive. And isn't that how we all live on...in the memories of the ones we leave behind?
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    ninja dog wrote: »
    I think they're bunk.

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    Thank you all. The past couple of days have been hard. It didn't hit me until the day before her funeral, which was yesterday. She died right before Christmas so we all sort of had to go on with things. Though I've had nightmares almost every night since her death. I always see the vision of all the cars lined up in her drive and the ambulance lights, but the dreams don't always have to do with her.

    I was never very close to my aunt. That's why it's strange it's hitting me this way. My grandma would arrange for the three of us to do stuff together because it seemed to tone my aunt down when I was around. She'd drink a lot and get into bad moods. I didn't see them as much when I started working more and eventually my aunt stopped coming with us. I feel bad b/c the last time we were all together, they had wanted me to drive them to a event but I said I didn't want to go. I didn't get it at the time that they wanted me to drive them, they depended on me. I'd become accustomed to being the driver, but it was to take one of her dogs somewhere. I couldn't figure it b/c I doubt the dog would fit in my car. They said they wouldn't go then and I didn't respond b/c it didn't click and I never cleared it up.

    That is pretty much how things were left b/w us. I tried through my grandma to get her to do stuff with us again but she'd always reply that my aunt wasn't feeling well or she had a bad day. I later saw my aunt out driving again so thought she was doing well. She has a few relatives she was close to who always checked on her. I feel bad b/c I feel like I should have done more. I didn't know she was so bad off. Near the end my grandma said she shut everybody out.

    I'm also a little worried b/c I see some of her qualities in myself. Not the drinking but the reclusiveness and depression definitely. I'm glad I have a doctor's appt the 9th. I know I should try the anti-depressants he prescribed. I might. I'd like to talk to someone outside my family about this but don't have anyone. My family doesn't talk about this stuff esp. with the nature of the death. My grandma says she's convinced it was a stroke and have tried to convince the rest of us of this even though I was on the phone with my dad when he was in the house with the paramedics. I hope now that she has been laid to rest I'll begin to move on. It's bad with me out of work. I've gotten part-time work but it's not enough. I'm not doing the Ouija though. I'm in a bad place but I need to get more sense and not do anything that would possibly make me feel worse. Your opinions are interesting to read, though.
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    iroc wrote: »
    I used to think they were just silly kids game things. Then I got older and learned they are actual tools used in the occult and other religions to call spirits and open 'doors'.

    I'm not interested in finding out what's true, and how well they can work. I think in situations where you can call good spirits, or energy, or what not, you risk calling bad ones too.

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