Yet Another 3c/4a thread :)

MuriMuri Posts: 12Registered Users
So guys, what type of hair do I have? I know it's not as useful as porosity/thickness for care--I'm just curious. :love5:


  • naturalnewbnaturalnewb Posts: 193Registered Users
    I'm not the best at this game, but I'm going to go with 3c.


  • AmberBrownAmberBrown Posts: 1,072Registered Users
    I'm not really sure what 3c is supposed to look like..but I definitely wouldn't classify your hair as 4a. So by process of elimination.... lol!
  • CoilywonderCoilywonder Posts: 30Registered Users
    Maybe 3c/4a but your sig pic looks 3c. If you curls are bigger than a pencil but not as big as a sharpie 3c. But less than pencil sized to pen coil sized 4a. Like I have said in other posts pics can be deceving and you can determine your hair type the best as you see it in person every day.

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