Products, Styles, and Maintenance(HELP)

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Long story short, i'm trying to help my grandma go natural, she haven't had a perm in close to 2 years but her natural hair is still wild. Its extra frizzy, and some parts are 3b and others are 4a, nothing that i've tried to hold her hair down works it justs curls back up. The products I use for my 3c hair doesn't work for her(eco-styler gel, mixed chicks, 14in1 miracle worker) I even tried to style it in bantu knots and no luck it came out wild :sad5: I really want to help, her so do you guys have any ideas:laughing4:


  • longmanehairlongmanehair Registered Users Posts: 21
    Hi MzCreole, Happy New Year!

    In order to better assist in answering your question, do you mean that, you are trying to lay her hair down (as in putting it into a ponytail), or are you trying to let it hang down/out?

    Depending on the density, the curl pattern (because you said she has two) you may have to try a different product indeed. She may need a heavier leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, or a mixture of some.

    But just post a little more info and I'll see what I can do to answer. Maybe even doing some research for you. :read2:

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