How can i find out if something is CG without going through the ingredients

Is their a website that has a list of all CG hair products/styler


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    There's a couple lists of conditioners /products, but no one "all the CG products" page. The thing is, hair companies change their formulas, and if you're just going by a list, instead of checking ingredients, at least periodically, you may miss realizing a formerly CG product isn't anymore.

    That said, here are a few CG product rundowns:



    and here
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    It can seem to be a lot of work to go through ingredient lists - but as you get further into CG, you'll start to learn what particular ingredients your hair likes or dislikes, and in what formulations, so you'll want to be able to decipher ingredient lists for reasons other than to determine if a product is CG or not, as not all CG products will agree with your hair. Stay with it - you'll get the hang of it quickly!

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