Henna + indigo for dark brown hair

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OK. I'm going to gear up and try this. I know how to mix it, but on my package of indigo it says to leave on 1-6 hours. I'm doing a henna + indigo mixture for dark brown hair. My hair has been henna'ed. I have to leave henna on for 2-3 hours to get any color. Can I get away with less time than this with the henna/indigo mix?

I have a few premature gray hairs. I want them a dark brown color. I want an all over dark brown color. Will a couple of hours be enough and is it true indigo doesn't fade? I searched for the answer but I'm getting results from people going black in the two step process. I reaally don't want black. How much did you use of both, how long and what color did you end up with? I've used indigo with henna before but I don't think I used near enough. Half and half is good, right? I've found out that much but don't have a real consensus on how long is best for (blank) results.
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    It's typically 2 parts indigo to one part henna for dark brown hair, and you usually have to leave it on for about 4 hours. I know some folks who prefer to leave it on overnight, but that seems overkill to me.
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    Yes at least 4 hours for the color to soak in. When I do one step henndigo, the indigo doesn't fade, but two step yes, I get fading if I'm not careful. which is why I don't do two step anymore. When I do one step I do half and half and my hair comes out perfectly. Although my hair is already dark brown, I was just making it a little darker.

    with indigo, you can't use coney conditioners to rinse it out, or as a leave-in because it will fade the color quickly. I use V05 conditioner to rinse, and as my leave-in, and I don't have any issues. And definitely no sulfates because that'll fade color also. Indigo takes about 2-3 applications before it really settles in for the long haul, so if you get a little fading the first time, that's normal. It's kind of like henna in the way that it builds on itself so each time you do it, it's settling in more. HTH.
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