Hairspray dried out my hair....alternative?

I've been using a bit of hairspray trying to keep my bangs from falling in my face. I've had bangs all my life, but I'm trying to grow them out (seems every time I get to this stage I probably cut them). They are at that length right below your nose where they are too long for bangs and seems to be not long enough to swoop to the side (I have a side part).

Now they feel much drier, and that part of my hair is very thin anyway from genetics and menopause. I've started putting coconut oil on them at nights (not at the roots) and they feel so soft in the morning. Yesterday, after I styled, in order to contain the bangs once dry, I instead scrunched in CIAB to dry hair. That seemed to hold them well (I didn't get outside in any wind either).

So, is adding the coconut oil at night the best thing to restore them? And what do you all use for hold after hair is dry? Any styling tips? Attaching picture that shows all too well how thin it is up there.
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    I'd check the composition of the hairspray to see if it had alcohol in it. Not all alcohols are drying though, so you may want to read this first:

    All About Alcohols
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    If you like the idea of a spray, you could try a spray gel. Herbal Essences Set Me Up is one you could try.
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