Trying To Find My Products

So even though my hair is pixie cut short, and I don't see me growing it anytime soon. I'm thinking I can still do this to make my hair better.

Clarify: Suave Clarifying
Co-Wash - Suave Naturals or VO5 Moisturizing
Low Poo & It's Conditioner - Organix Acai Berry Avocado (suggested on their site for curly hair in the FAQ) or Red Renpure
Leave-In Conditioner: ?
Gel: ?

Would all those work? Now for the leave-in I'm not sure what to get. I'm trying to use stuff I can find easily in stores. The only ones I know of are Frizz Ease, Aussie, or Garnier.

And for the gel I need either one that can do both or two seperate. One for curly (should I do gel everyday?) and one for when I want to attempt to spike my hair. I was thinking that Herbel Essences one...Set Me Up might be good. But I would like to have a few different ones to try.

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