How to get bigger clumps and better hold?

I was just curious if anyone had any methods on getting bigger clumps. When I plop, I have nice clump formation, but by the time I let it air dry a bit and diffuse, they separate into almost stringier segments (best way I can think to put it.)

Also, when I diffuse, at first my hair is basically perfection. Then after, like I said, it begins to look stringier and almost deflated. I just started using V05 Perfect Hold Gel, and it says it's super-strong. I'm not sure how much stronger of a gel I need if that's not cutting it. D:

Anyway, I'd really appreciate some advice. It finishes drying and I'm like YES! Okay, now stay! And by the time a couple of hours have passed, my hair looks limp and stringier than before. How do I obtain--and keep--glorious full waves/curls like I've been getting?

One more thing: when I diffuse, sometimes I get weird, wonky, bent kind of curls that end up looking kind of weird. Any ideas on that?

For the record, I think I'm between 2C and 3A. I use Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner, Tresseme Naturals Moisturizer, HETT, and the VO5 Gel. Sometimes I use coconut oil, but not an excessive amount.

Back to CG after a few years away! :)

CO: Suave Naturals Coconut/Nature's Baby Vanilla Tangerine


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    Back to CG after a few years away! :)

    CO: Suave Naturals Coconut/Nature's Baby Vanilla Tangerine
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    You might try a hard hold gel that a lot of the curlies use. It's available in the drugstore. Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, or try Kinky curly curly Custard which isn't quite as strong.

    Also, try posting your question in the 2 or 3 section for answers that may be more specific to your type of hair. Good luck with this - I think you should be able to find a solution. :salute:
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    For me using the right conditioner is key to great clumping curls. I get great results with Mop Top's - Daily conditioner, Regis's - Olive Oil Conditioner and Regis's - Design Line - Vivid Satin Conditioner.

    It's quite dependent on your individual hair type though. Some people need really heavy rich conditioners to get clumps, some need more or less can be quite confusing. For reference my hair is fine, low porosity, and medium/thick thickness - the conditioners I listed above work great with my hair type.
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    This link contains some clumping techniques:

    I find that when I get enough protein, my hair tends to clump more also.
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