Aloe vera miracle!

Hi curlies!! :hello2:

I tried this new treatment today that, according to my maid, is going to make my hair grow faster. I dont really know if it works for hair growth yet :P but it worked wonders with my curls inmediately!! :D I just fell in love with them all over again today :)

so, first she boiled some onion (just a little water, enough to get the essence out of it) and then took some molasses and Aloe vera flesh and blended it all together. (YES, IT SMELLS LIKE IT JUST CAME UP FROM HELL) she took the whole smelly thing and applied it to my scalp, did a little massage and then spreaded the rest on the lenght. I left it in for 30 mins. (left it long enough, since it was the first time I tried it) and then washed my hair with some sulfate free shampoo, conditioned as normal and voila! ( I guarantee your hair wont smell bad, trust me, my boyfriend would've said something if it did xD)

I hope it works for you girls :D my maid comes up with really nice recipes she learned from her mom :) I'll keep you guys informed if she uses some of her knowledge on my curls again :D :occasion2:

:) bye


  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Registered Users Posts: 1,354 Curl Neophyte
    woow that sounds really interesting. she sounds really creative! would love to hear bout same more ideas :)

    my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
    my hair loves conditioner only styling!
    Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
    my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
  • adthomasadthomas Registered Users Posts: 5,525 Curl Neophyte
    I have alopecia areata and when i researched natural cures, onions came up. In some studies massaging onion juice in the scalp helped regrow bald spots in some people.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:
  • christianaLAITHchristianaLAITH Registered Users Posts: 22
    Your hair is GORGEOUS! I'll have to try this :toothy10:

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