Kinky Curly hair products vs. Mixed Chicks

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I was wondering wish hair products do you all prefer and why . I've been trying to decide on buying the two for awhile but can't make a decision .


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    Are they the only lines you're considering?? I used some of the Mixed Chicks products, they were nothing special for me. The KCCC is okay, the KCKT isn't moisturizing enough for me, the Spiral Spritz is fine. There are TONS of products I like a lot better.

    My hair prefers the more natural products (KC qualifies, Mixed Chicks not quite as much.) You can see some of the lines I really like in my signature.
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    I did not like Mixed Chicks because I didn't like the sulfates/silicones in the products, and frankly, they did not perform that well for me.

    I love Kinky-Curly products. I call KCCC my "Fed Ex" of stylers: if it absolutely, positively HAS to look good the next day, use KCCC. It took a few tries to get the hang of how much to use for my hair, but since then it has been smooth going. I think I prefer the combo of KCKT with KCCC, but I have used several other leave-ins with satisfaction. The only product from that line I am not sold on is the Spiral Sprits, because I don't like the container or the scent or really get what it is supposed to do for my hair.
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