Needing some motivation and tips after BC from my natural sistas!

I turned 18 years old on Christmas Day two days ago. Yesterday, I big chopped after a 7 month transition. I cut off the hair myself and then went immediately to a trusted natural stylist for a shape up. I left feeling good and whatnot after a really fun time, and she didn't charge me! My friend and mom and boyfriend had nice things to say. I had some good products in there and whatnot. Later, I shingled my EcoStylerMoccoran in there and my curls were poppin'! I'm about 4a with maybe 3c on top.

Sounds all good right? NO. Girls, I'm sitting here in bed about to cry.. I woke up. And did my shower steaming and fluffing and I'm just NOT feeling it. MY CURLS ARE GONE! I woke up with a "pancake" on my head. I'm just really really feeling low and UGLY.

I'm SO happy to be natural and PROUD. So don't think I'm ashamed, because I'm not, not at all. But I'm just really disappointed at how it's looking today. It's just a big frizzy mat. Luckily, I still have some curls in the very top. I prepped for a puff today because I'm leaving in two hours. So, my edges will be nice and slicked and wavy. But. Idk.

I'm REALLY needing to hear some other big chop stories. Did anyone else have this experience? How did you overcome it? I need to hear from people that's been here.

Also, HOW DO I MAINTAIN AND REFRESH MY CURLS. Maybe I sprayed too much water.. Please help me out before it's time to go!