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cutiecoocutiecoo Posts: 2Registered Users
So I just recently got back into cg again and I been really wanting to get one of those curls like us towels... Of course I don't need 2 so I was wondering if someone wanted a cp for one

With the 25% off sale , it's 9.72 each ( tax included )

And since I live in Austin, I can void shopping costs by picking up the order

So with PayPal fee plus shipping with dc, it would come out to about 11.90

I know it's not a huge discount since it's technically 12 per towel if you could buy them separately ..... but you get to save on shipping at least

Anywho, if anyone's interested, please pm me :)

Feedback: jfmuni on eBay - jfmuni on makeupalley

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