Need new washing machine, bleh.

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Hello, all knowing curlies. Looks like my washing machine bit it, and of course the laundry basket is over flowing (not hard with 5 people). Sears is having a post Christmas sale, and some machines are even cheaper if you use a Sears card. My mom has offered to let us buy the machines with her card and we'll just pay it off.

The set we have now is from 2001, and the dryer seems to work fine still (these came with the place when we bought it). Due to our small space, they have to stack. Do you think we can buy just a washer and still be able to mount the old dryer on top? Or is it just best to buy both machines at the same time since the dryer might crap out soon anyway?

We're pretty much looking at the cheaper sets in the $500-ish range. We're in a tight spot financially so can't/don't really want to spend much more. I've read some of the reviews, but I'm sure the same problems happen with the expensive machines as well.

Any way, let me know what you think about the new/old machine mounting thing. And if you think I should go mid price range for whatever reason.


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    Omg you sound like me. I need a new washing machine too, and I bought mine in 2001 from Sears. I'm not sure about stacking the old with the new but I did see that Sears had machines that washed and dried the clothes (1 machine), I was thinking of that to save space but some of the reviews weren't so good.

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    Just because the washer crapped out doesn't necessarily mean the dryer will too. Dryers are less complicated and have fewer parts so it could live another 5 years.

    You can probably find a washer that will stack with your existing dryer. You might be stuck with a similar make and model but maybe it's worth it. What kind is your old set?
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    They're Kenmore. The washer is model 417.41142000 and the dryer is 417.8142000. I was eyeballing the basic Kenmore model, which is on sale for $499 with use of a Sears card. I don't really feel that I need an allergen or steam cycle that some of the more intricate machines seem to offer.
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    I suggest tking the model numbers with you to Sears. They'll be able to look them up and see what the replacement model for the washer is and tell you whether it will stack with your dryer.
    When are women going to face the fact that they don’t know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

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    Well, the closet where we have our machines isn't very deep. It looks like I'll need to buy a 2.0 cu ft washing machine, and from what I see on the Sears site, they don't make Kenmores that small anymore.

    There's a Whirlpool that is on sale for $574, but it isn't in stock, but is available "in days" according to the website. If you can't mix and match brands for mounting, the matching dryer is also the same price and is in stock. But let's not forget the delivery charge and haul away fees.

    There are also Bosch and GE that are 2.2 cu ft that are on sale for $807. :-o

    I'm also considering one of those stacked laundry units, I think the 24" would fit. On sale they they are under $1200, but the capacity might be slightly smaller than what I have now depending on which brand.

    Decisions, decisions...:blah5:
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    What is the washer doing or not doing? It's not fixable?

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    I bought a Whirlpool compact front-loading washer and dryer when we moved into our house. It didn't even last 4 years and had to be replaced. The one I had was made by Asko. It was awful, even before it broke. If you're seriously considering the compact Whirlpool, make sure you check out who manufactured it.

    Hubby has one of those all-in-one stacked units in his apartment and it's great. It's actually a full size washer--he can wash and dry all his bedding in one load. We had a smaller Kenmore stacked unit in our condo and it was fine, but could only do about a half-size load at a time.
    When are women going to face the fact that they don’t know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

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    How do you know the old machine isn't fixable? I'd probably have a repair person in just to verify.
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    I'm embarrassed to say that the machine has been having problems for a while. I posted a thread where there were dark streaks on some clothes coming out of the wash. First I thought it was dog food that found it's way into the machine, then I thought it was sand from the playground across the street. And over time it got louder and then the drum didn't line up like it's supposed to, so i think it's off kilter. The other day I came home and found a tiny puddle of water, and saw that there was a tiny tear in the seal, and then looked inside and the drum is cracked. So at first, I just thought there was something getting in the wash, but it was something probably leaking from the machine. I probably should've called the service department, but honestly, after all the staining it did, I really hated that machine and didn't want to sink any money into a 10 year old machine.

    Anyway, I went to Sears tonight and found a full size Whirlpool set that should fit into the closet. I really didn't want a smaller set, so I feel happy that there was something full size that fit. With the post Xmas sale prices, combined with the Sears card deal, we got a pretty good deal. Now I just have to wait until Jan. 6 for it to get here. I foresee a trip to the laundromat in the near future.

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