MOP C Curl Cream, CJ Curl Rehab FS

loremipsumloremipsum Posts: 162Registered Users Curl Novice
MOP C Curl Cream: used about 4 dime-sized globs. Asking $12, inc. shipping.

CJ Curl Rehab: probably used about a tablespoon. $15, inc. shipping.--SOLD

Willing to swap either one for CJ CCCCL.


  • tdawkins205tdawkins205 Posts: 344Registered Users
    I pm'd you about the CJ Rehab!
  • Valeriia.SuaValeriia.Sua Posts: 198Registered Users
    PM'd you. ;)
    My Blog --->
  • JnthmomJnthmom Posts: 20Registered Users
    Is the mop c available?
    2b, fine; 2cFi

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