Big Chopping!

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Hello my Kinky fam.

I am chopping my hair off this weekend and I want a little more input to prepare myself.

My story real quick:

Been natural over 2 years, transitioned for about 10 months straight w/ sew ins. (Didn't care for my hair properly the entire time) Immediately got it flat ironed when I started wearing it out and got heat damage, cut that off, and became a youtube junkie then. I began to take better care of my hair but still wasn't educated about hair. So for the last year, I've been doing a lot better, however I still haven't seen much growth.

Soooooooo, I decided to BC, start over and do it right. (or as right as I can given the knowledge I have at this point). Anywho, so it was suggested to me to get my hair cut into a style... So, I plan on getting a tapered cut, not super duper low, but low enough. a little TWA I guess. I want to try the CG method as well (probably my only option anyway). What concerns me about the cg method is that my coils are SOOOOOO tight ( I may be 4c), that I won't get the look I want...

I'll post a few pics of my hair during my journey....

Give me some feedback ladies!

Please and thank you

Any advice for the BC?

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