Do looser curlies ever wish they had naturally tighter curls?

Most people I know myself included wish their curls were looser but I wonder if those looser curlies wish they had my tighter curls or 4a/b hair.

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  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    I'm not a looser haired curly (I'm a 3c/4a) but I've often envied a tighter curl pattern (4b or tighter). I've had plenty of wavy and loosely curled people tell me they wish they had hair like mine. The grass is always greener on the other side!

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  • wednesdaywednesday Posts: 53Registered Users
    I'm 2b/2c, but the curls are weird and unpredictable. Sometimes, they don't even separate. I want more 3a/3b
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  • WavyJanetWavyJanet Posts: 105Registered Users
    Johari, I think we always want what we don't have!

    I would like my underlayers to curl more, and the top layers to curl less, so they blend.

    My mom had straight blond hair -- I ended up with my dad's hair. I always wished I had straight hair, and she wished she had curly hair.
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  • DolphinDolphin Posts: 329Registered Users
    I'm pretty happy with my hair.
    Some 2b in the back, mostly (using FIA) 2c/F/iii.

    Fine hair, normal porosity, and normal elasticity.

    I'm still new to this CG stuff, so ANY tips you could give me are appreciated. :)

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  • GroYoFroGroYoFro Posts: 237Registered Users
    i think the important thing is to appreciate what you have, so that your not left always wishing.

    people that wish become unsatisfied, upset, and angry..
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  • loremipsumloremipsum Posts: 160Registered Users
    Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I have a coworker who has amazing, perfectly separated bouncy 3c curls and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't have major hair envy. Her curls have so much volume and spring to them that my limp stringy hair can't help but be jealous. Granted, type 3c-4b curls would look ridiculous on me with my features, but I think they're all fabulous hair types. For myself, 3a-3b curls would be a dream come true. Even 2b or 2c would be an improvement.

    Honestly, I get the sense that my hair type is envied by a lot of women and I feel the need to spread the word that it is not at all an easy hair type to have. The common perception is that we can go wavy or straight, which means it's "versatile" and therefore a good hair type to have. But this isn't the case. It takes a monumental effort to get my hair to either lie straight or wavy, especially in winter. I'm in a no-man's-land of frizzy weakling waves that look more like messy, bent straight hair than anything else. I'd be thrilled to have it either be curlier OR straighter (but curlier would be ideal).

    While I know curls are not predictable, at least curlies wake up every day knowing they will have curly hair. Straighties, too, have some level of predictability that I and many other wavies just don't have.

    So all of you curlies who think no one wants or admires your hair: you are so, so wrong! I'll accept a hair transplant from any of you!
  • Lucky CharmLucky Charm Posts: 1,250Registered Users
    I like my hair too, but I sometimes secretly wish for a head full of 3C-ish curls
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  • modelKTfordmodelKTford Posts: 95Registered Users
    All the time! I just want consistently Boticcelli , 3a-ish curls--is that too much to ask?! XD
    Back to CG after a few years away! :)

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  • Robin-in-FLRobin-in-FL Posts: 1,731Registered Users
    I love seeing the tightly curly, and really think it looks fantastic, but no, if I could choose only one hair type I would like to have the perfected version of what I have now. Loose bouncy curls. Anything up to the tightest curls on my head, but not tighter, and more consistent and not as frizzy, and not straight underneath.
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  • KurlyKoreanKurlyKorean Posts: 28Registered Users
    I have 2c/3a hair and I wish I had 4b hair! I love all the bounce and volume. It also seems really versatile! I always read about the 4a/b ladies doing all kinds of stuff with their hair and I get so jealous lol not too sure I want to spend hours detangleing it though....

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  • FrizzBgoneFrizzBgone Posts: 2,678Registered Users
    I would love to have consistently great curls without any frizz!!! The curl pattern isn't as important to me as frizz free hair with lots of volume.
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    Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!
  • Lilly820Lilly820 Posts: 20Registered Users
    Absolutely!!! My hair is more wavy and I just wish it had more curl. It is somewhere in the middle of straight and curly. I just wish it would make a decision! :)
    2b/highlighted/medium/high porosity
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  • rbbrbb Posts: 4,089Registered Users Curl Dabbler
    FrizzBgone wrote: »
    I would love to have consistently great curls without any frizz!!! The curl pattern isn't as important to me as frizz free hair with lots of volume.

    i agreee! altho i rarely have frizz, i do have hair that is "unbouncy" if that is a word, unless i add extra conditioning after it has dried -- i guess what it is is the first to lose moisture!! and, of course, it is right in the front, along my face. might have something to do with it being white now.....
    so, i would love to have 3c curls as they would curl no matter what!
    but as frizzBgone said, any pattern is good as long as it is shiny and has volume. i've seen gorgeous wavies with hair like that, so it isn't really the pattern.

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  • RustinaRustina Posts: 894Registered Users
    I love seeing the tightly curly, and really think it looks fantastic, but no, if I could choose only one hair type I would like to have the perfected version of what I have now. Loose bouncy curls. Anything up to the tightest curls on my head, but not tighter, and more consistent and not as frizzy, and not straight underneath.
    ^ What she said!!
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  • wavynwild16wavynwild16 Posts: 2,121Registered Users
    OMG, YES YES YES!! I get hair envy from all hair types, especially wavies that really know how to rock their loose, pretty curls, but I used to always want tighter curls. I have gotten to the point where I'm pretty happy with my hair and the curls I have, but I think I will always kinda wish for tight 3a/b curls....just a little. ;)
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  • GaladrielGaladriel Posts: 12Registered Users
    Yes, all the time. The hair in front, mostly on the left side are cute Botticelli curls... I want them everywhere, consistently...
  • CheetaraCheetara Posts: 2,182Registered Users
    I want it either way. I would love if my hair were super straight or more curly and uniform. Naturally it's wavy and the pattern is very inconsistent.
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  • riotkittyriotkitty Posts: 1,307Registered Users
    That post about how wavy hair must be the bane of type A's really made sense to me. I'm kind of a perfectionist, especially about appearance type things and my unpredictable wavy-curly hair that does not have consistent pattern drives me crazy. Also, I don't want to spend a lot of time on my hair and thats just not an option with this type of hair if I want to look presentable. (I still remember some girl calling it "a dead animal" when I was at a waterpark in 7th grade) This was the case even when it was really short.

    I envy people that have a mostly consistent texture and pattern to their hair. I don't really care for versatility.
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  • britney.britney. Posts: 292Registered Users
    I sometimes wish my hair was all 3b, but then I'm not sure if I would like it if my hair was actually like that. I pretty much like my hair type as it is now and it suits me best.. most of my curls are a combination of 2c/3a with 3b underneath.
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  • RonnieajRonnieaj Posts: 304Registered Users
    I have pretty solid 4a hair (with some random patches of 2-something thrown in for good measure.....), and my assistant steady wishes she had my hair. She's a gorgeous 3b, but she can't make an afro or get my volume. Occasionally she'll ask me to do a twist out or afro, just so she can play with it :toothy4:. Who can say no to that?!?
  • BellaCaramellaBellaCaramella Posts: 51Registered Users
    I myself LOVE my 3b hair, and wouldn't trade it for the world! However, I have heard of women with kinkier/coily hair wanting looser curls. Admittedly, I haven't experienced looser curlies wanting kinkier/coilier hair though....
  • FrannieGoytFrannieGoyt Posts: 114Registered Users
    I love my hair but I would love it more if I had a strong 3b curl pattern instead of 3a/3b.. :)
  • OnduleeOndulee Posts: 1,264Registered Users
    All the time! I just want consistently Boticcelli , 3a-ish curls--is that too much to ask?! XD

    this...especially the consistent curl pattern
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  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    I love my pattern when it's "done". I DO wish my hair looked like it does with my activator with just oil and water like some curlies' hair.

    I use to want a looser pattern, but I'm content with my itty bitties. :p I just wish they looked uniformed easier. :p

    Jen :D

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  • redcelticcurlsredcelticcurls Posts: 17,502Registered Users
    Yes. I'm a loose 3b, but would love to be a solid 3c.

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  • jen94jen94 Posts: 11Registered Users
    As a 2 something, 3a is my dream hair. Wavy hair really is a problem for type A personalities. I want consistency and perfection, which means a lot of manipulating has to be done. I could not agree more with loremipsum. I'm so envious of you 3a's.
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    Recommendations and suggestions are more than welcome!
  • lcl0706lcl0706 Posts: 959Registered Users
    Absolutely. I miss the ringlets I was born with so much and wish I'd never fried them into nonexistance. Everyone wants what they don't have, huh? :lol: I too am a perfectionist and I'd kill for consistent spirals and now that I've come to accept my waves and wurls, I'm really trying to give up on the green-eyed jealousy I get when I see a beautiful head of bouncy ringlets. I'm well aware that even over years of treating my hair nicely and letting the damage grow out and fade, I may never get that back.
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  • plunkybugplunkybug Posts: 2,526Registered Users
    Sorta. I think the looser texture I have suits my face the best, but I do long for a more consistent pattern, and a stronger one. I'd love to be able to scrunch something light in, and go. I do also wish I had thicker hair, and more volume. I think a medium 3a with a strong pattern would make me happier.

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  • catcurlswhirlscatcurlswhirls Posts: 3Registered Users
    I would like to have beautiful consistent and long 3b curls but I truly envy 3c, 4a or even 4b. I would love to have all that awsome volume or be able to wear a fro. You are so lucky!

    Corkecelli- Mostly 3b around face and very tight 3b under ears(weird). Nape of neck and back of my head 2b while the rest is mostly big 3a with one or two stray 3b curls on top(sometimes).
  • dresdendolldresdendoll Posts: 435Registered Users
    I have 2c/2b curls for the most part with 2a in the back. In the front, though, I have very consistent 3a ringlets that I love! I wish that the rest of my hair was just like those 3as. I definitely envy 3a hair!
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