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I have 3b, very thin hair. I have lost about 70 percent of my hair and have had every test you can think of to find out the cause. It was recently found that I have extremely low Progesterone, so I have just started taking a higher dose. I have extreme shedding with very little, to no new growth. I thought I would passion my recent findings that have been helping my hair.
I stopped using box color and switched to Henna. It has left a pretty red on my 50% grays, and a dark red tint (in the sunlight)in my dark brown. It naturally thickens and strengthens my hair.
I use soapnut shampoo (in a bar form) on my scalp. I have only used it twice and, so far, it has cut my shedding in half.
On the rest of my hair I use a shampoo bar called Cocoveda. This has coconut oil, Shea, and other hair strengthening ingrediants. OMG. This is amazing, my hair is so soft, shiny, doesn't tangle nearly as much, is really thick, and I even got 3rd day hair for the first time ever (and I didn't use hairspray for the first time in my life).. I know it was created specifically for hair growth. I think it is my most favorite product ever.
All products I bought at a company called Henna Sooq Henna Sooq
If you purchase Soapnuts as the actual nut you can use it for laundry soap, liquid shampoo, and many other uses.
Henna can be purchased at a number of places. Just be sure to use Body Art Quality Henna, or it could contain dangerous additives or even cause your hair to fall out.
Best wishes to everyone for a happy hair New Year.
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