great substitute for Deva Curl conditioner

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Yes to Tomatoes. I have been using it, and happy to report it works GREAT.


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    Just curious as to whether you may also have tried YTCucumbers? I tried it and didn't like it at all for my hair, so I didn't consider other YT products after that.
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    Where are you buying your YTT? I love it as a thicker RO but have had trouble finding it. It has awesome slip.
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    Spiralli, yes, I have used Yes to Cucumbers, but just the shampoo. EmbracingIt, I buy the conditioner at Walgreens, no problem finding it at all. I make sure I squeeze the conditioner well into my hair. I really works well for me, and is much less expensive than Deva, proving once again we dont have to spend a fortune to find products that work for us.