I have a splinter jammed under my fingernail.

It's too far under the nail bed to tweeze or pick out. I'm about to try and cut the nail down but even with it cut down I'm not sure if I can reach the splinter. It hurts, very badly.




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    Soak it in warm saltwater?
    montage-3.gif No MAS.

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    If you soaked it in plain warm water, your skin will absorb the water and get puffy. The puffiness could push the splinter farther out so you can reach it. (I'm pretty sure that skin doesn't absorb saltwater as much.) I know for sure that this is useful for splinters that are deeply embedded in skin, and I'd imagine it would work for your situation. I just worry that the puffiness won't push out the splinter, and will instead just make the skin even more gouged by the splinter.

    Good luck!!
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    Omg it is SO painful.

    I cleaned it with Betadine, and Orajel numbed it just enough to clip the nail down. Clipping was agony without the Orajel.

    I made a paste of baking soda, glopped it on, then secured it all with bandaid and tape. I'm sleeping in a glove; I'll take it all down tomorrow and work on it. SMDH

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    Ouch. Sorry to hear that. If nothing works, there's no shame in seeing a doctor.
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    The baking soda paste didn't draw it out but it feels a lot better. Some of the swelling is gone and it's nowhere near as tender as yesterday. I see no way to get it out myself.

    I'm going to do one of the following:

    --keep it clean and see if it grows out....or something

    --Numb it up and perhaps TRY to cut down more nail and get at it with sterilized needles

    --Last resort unfortunately would be the doc bc I have no insurance and my money's low. I'm a temp at my present job but they have a employee facility; I'll see if I can go there.

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    I'm just wondering how this story ended.

    The same thing happened to me once, and I ended up at the doctor's office to have the splinter removed.
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    i too am wondering how this ends. im in identical situation. tomorrow i'm supposed to play guitar  but this will make it impossible. no baking soda....any advice....after 7 years of no comments?
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    LOL. Welcome, @phil sebben !  I'm guessing you'll have to visit doctor to have it removed. 

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    You are beautiful!
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    Don't mess around with this. It could become infected and your entire body could go septic in a matter of days. MRSA, necrotizing fascitis, streptococci, meningitis.....

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    Cut off your finger, all your problems will be solved :)

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