Portable North Pole TV

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Just wanted to give you all a heads up about this website. Another parent told me about it a few weeks ago and I literally just checked it out 20mins ago. It allows you to make a video for your child/ren from Santa and put in whether they have been naughty/nice, what special gift they have been asking for, what they have been asked to work on throughout the year (manners, cleaning up, sharing,etc) and also you can choose whether you want to add photos or not.

It took less than 10mins to do and my son adored getting a message from Santa. They send it to your email if you want or if you are an Aunt/Uncle, Godparent, cousin,etc sending it to the parent of a child you can send it directly to their email so the child can watch it over and over. It's very cute and I just wanted to share!

The website is Santa | PNP - Portable North Pole | Free personalized video message

Happy Holiday's All:rendeer:!
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