My hair is DRIER after deep conditioning...

For two days now I have used CJ Curl Rehab after hearing how moisturizing it is, yet both times my hair has felt very dry and not moisturized at all. It is, however, less frizzy...but I'm wondering why it feels so dry. I was hoping for more softness.

The first time I rinsed it out with No Poo. The second time I just cowashed it out. Both times I added a little bit of coconut oil. I also tried running my blowdryer w/ diffuser over my hair while I had it on to open the cuticle a bit (my hair is not very porous). I'm at my wit's end as far as getting moisture into my hair.


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    Have you had issues with aloe before? For some people aloe causes hair to be dryer.
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    When I do a DT, there's no need to use anything else to "wash" it out. Just run water over your hair.

    Have you tried washing (either low pooing or cowashing) your hair before you DT? That way your hair is clean of any previous stylers and the DT can penetrate into your hair.
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    Hmm, I was concerned it would look greasy if I didn't wash it out. My hair is fine so I didnt want it to feel weighed down. It was already clean and product free when I did it. Maybe it's the aloe after all. I don't think I have used aloe before so I can't say for sure.

    My hair is notoriously non-porous (nopourious!) so I think it's just going to take time and patience to get the moisture level balanced.
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    loremipsum wrote: »
    My hair is notoriously non-porous (nopourious!)

    Awesome! :headbang:
    Could be the aloe, could be the "feel" left by the butters. My fine-haired mother was putting shea butter on her dry hair and complaining how dry it still felt.
    Non porous hair is good at retaining its own moisture. It's not porous ("water-repellent"), therefore moisture is neither getting in easily or out easily. When it gets wet, it ultimately does swell with water and that's when you can do the most by sealing in the moisture with emollients (conditioners or oils) and film-forming humectants (certain proteins, panthenol).

    I don't like shea butter or cocoa butter in my hair. They make it feel weird because my hair is usually already pretty pliable.
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    Hmmmm..... What are the ingredients? Some humectant products don't work well during the winter. Instead of humectant product adding moisture, it does the complete opposite in the winter time.