Me and my frankenstein hair...

Is it possible to have multiple types of hair that have wildly different properties? I am asking because the front of my hair tends to be wavier, finer, and maybe more porous than the hair in the back. The hair in the back is virtually straight and the individual strands are a little bit thicker. The front starts to dry within minutes of getting out of the shower, while the back can take hours. The front responds well to wavy/curly products and methods while no amount of product seems to affect the back. I can scrunch a palmful of gel in there and it will still end up straight and soft, while the front gets a crunchy gel cast and a nice loose wave.

It's extremely frustrating. I feel like someone took two different peoples' hair and transplanted them on to my head and I have no idea how to get them to play nice with each other.


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    Yes. Different curl patterns on one head are very common. But different textures or porosity on one head happens too. I know Alexjoujou's daughter had fine and coarse hair mixed throughout her head.
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    With patience and practice you will become an expert. It's like a doctor that spends years perfecting his craft, you will soon learn how to make your curls look amazing...

    I have the same problem as you and it took my years to figure out the right products to use, but now I think they look as good as ever : ).

    Don't give up, just have fun with it!!
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    a friend of mine tole me that curly people

    are the same in many ways (character and so on...)

    what do you think about it ?? is it true ? :)

    anyway, i think it's funny :afro:

    have a great day!!

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    I DEFINITELY know where you're coming from, and I can sympathize! I have different "types" of hair all over my head. The hair by my crown is coarser, more porous, and more damaged. Most of my hair is medium-texture/slightly coarse. The underlayer of my hair is very fine, VERY easily broken and snapped, and VERY low porosity. The back of my hair is the fluffy, wild part. It has super defined curls and waves hidden in the fluff, but it's big and frizzy most of the time. I now know where to put extra product and where to put less product, but I think it's more or less about accepting that our hair won't always do exactly what we want. Which makes it fun...but frustrating, too. ;)

    I think the title of your thread is hysterical, BTW. Hysterical because when you post pics, I think your hair is anything BUT frankenstein hair! ;) You rock the gorgeous, loose waves.
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    Oh thank you so much Wavynwild :) I try to post my pictures on good hair days only! Mostly it tends to be limp and stringy in winter and that's what I'm trying to work out :(

    I think I may just have to resort to curlers or some way of setting the straighter bits. I'd be fine if parts of my hair were *curlier* than the wavy bits, but having them be straighter is a lot more complicated because the care methods are so different for straight and curly hair, and getting them to even look remotely the same is really impossible. There's no amount of scrunching or twisting I can do to get them to work together.