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Hey y'all! Im new here but i fell in love with this site! I a have found out my hair type which is 3b/3c but i have so many questions! But first i guess i should tell about myself!
- i guess you could say im transitioning. last perm was about 7 weeks ago, i was about to get another one, but decided to go with the curls!
- like i said earlier, 3b/3c tendencies, but i still have some straight strands on my ends

So i have some questions. I have been browsing these boards for literally like 4 hours, but there is so much information i cant digest it all, so i was hoping you curly heads could help me out!
1) what product should i start using on my hair. i currently use tresseme moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and i like it but not sure if its a good product to keep using
2) when i wash my hair it dries really limp like really close to my head. when i use the diffuser it fro's out but its triangle shaped...bleh. Any tips on how to make my hair thicker?
3) i want my hair longer! Any tips!

Sorry for all the questions guys but like i said. Overwhelming! Any tips and tricks would be so helpful!

Hope you guys have a Happy Holiday!

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