Strong hold/super moisturizing products?

I'm a dancer and I need some recs for:

A super moisturizing butter/milk/leave in

Something with very strong hold (preferably gel)

A low poo that is very gentle yet cleans effectively

A super moisturizing, strengthening DT

-and last but not least-

A refresher spray

I have 3b/c high porosity curls that like protein. I'm CG but my hair is ok with a-cone, mineral oil, and petrolatum. Thanks in advance!! :)

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    Hi wholelottalove! Everyone's hair is different but I'm currently using (and loving) the SheaMoisture line. It does everything for me that you're asking for except strong hold. I use a hard gel over it - LALooks Sport. My hair is fine so the sprays from SM can be little heavy for me if I'm not careful. My favorite refresher is AVG mixed with water.
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