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I have a 5 yr old daughter that has type 4a hair. I believe I've tried so many products that claim to be great for kinky curly hair but to no avail they have not worked on her hair. I feel like I'm just going to have to keep dishing out money on hair products until I find the right set that works.

I want to find a great hair routine for her, for one that is easy because she is very, very tender headed and to do her hair is always a struggle. Her hair is extremely thick, and if I decided to let her wear it curly, by the time it dries it's just a big frizzy puff!

What can I use on hair? Should I try a combination of different products? What are some great hair styles for her to wear in the winter months? Again I would love for her to wear it out curly, instead of me having to blow dry it. Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    How do you feel about doing her hair in ballies and pony tails? I love this hair style for my own daughter & my God daughter (3 & 5). Also I would say not to be afraid to mix lines. If you find a great shampoo by carol's daughter, you don’t HAVE to use the conditioner, if you find a better one through another brand. This whole 'hair thing' is trial and error, but you can try to narrow your search down by paying attention to ingredients. I really like the shea moisture line, but what have you been using already that actually works?
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    I would use something like KCKT to help as a leave-in and detangler. For wearing her hair curly, you could try pin curling it while it's wet (basically take small sections and roll them to a curl and then bobby pin down) or do twist curls by taking a piece of hair and twirling it until it makes a ringlet. Both styles should last for days so you don't have to re-do often. Braids and twists or loose ponytails are also fun.

    For my DD with 3a hair, I co-wash her hair 1x a week and use a leave-in and a little jojoba oil. I then put it into a style that I can re-do easily in the morning, like making three sections across, making a ponytail in each section and then making three twists or braids for each ponytail.

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    Developing a routine and finding the best products always takes time and patience. I would suggest checking the 4a board for product suggestions, but even more than that start paying attention to how your little girls hair reacts to products. Do products loaded in protein seem to work well in her hair or make her hair frizzy and course? How does her her retain moisore and hold water. How does your hair and her fathers hair do with these things. Hair is genetic, but environmental factors also weigh in. If her hair is protein sensitive check out the board and get product recommendations. If it is overly poreous, meaning it soaks up water quick, but also releases moisture quick, check out that board. The porosity and protein type boards will have the best product reccomedations.

    As far as detangling, I find the following works for me and my girls; I try to keep them in a style that lasts, so we touch hair as little as possible. More manipulation means more breakage. I tend to have their hair braided or keep it in twists. No rubber bands is my key to growth. On wash day after I take hair down and soak it in the sink, then I apply oil, usually grape seed or olive oil to thier wet hair and or addd it to a spray bottle of warm water. I section hair and start detangling with an episode or movie of whatever we're feeling at the moment. We are loving cake boss on Netflix! I apply herbal essence hello hydration all over and sometimes in each section. Depending on my mood. Butbthere are other conditions with great slip. I like tresseme natuals and Aussie moist. Personally I like the Shea moisture line because it's easy to find and a close second in retaining moisture to the Shea butters I make myself, but with my hair type I can't use them on me. My daughters' hair loves their butters.
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