3a-3c, help? + haircut question, future sailor.

xkaisuxkaisu Posts: 7Registered Users
Yes I'm pretty sure I'm a 3b or mixed with the 3's, help would be appreciated!
After finding this out my second question is suggested haircut that will work well with my curls and face! This cut must be below my collar bone, I do not mind going to my jawline in this cut and even shorter if the cut is cute. I have to cut my hair off sometime in the summer because I am shipping out to basic and for the Navy my hair must be in regulation. Meaning below my collarbone. Thank for all your help!

Note: I realize these pictures are blurry, but these are the only available pictures I have at the moment I'll be able to post better ones tomorrow if I get the chance. Also one half of my hair is more curly while one is more wavy? This kind of irritates me I don't know what to do about it.

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