bad hair month(s)

To start with I have a lot of medium to fine, low porosity hair. I'm still on the fence with whether or not I can use protein and my hair has been over conditioned before when i was using a rinse out every day.

Starting in feb i went CG and gave up my beloved flat iron in search of healthy hair. I started with deva no-poo, one C and arc angel. The gel is horrible, I never had good hair with this. I switched to hett gel giving me mediocre results with crown frizz by the end of the day. I used a few tubes of it before switching to hesmu. I thought I had found my HG! However over time i stared to have problems with this too(droopy/rope like curls).

Since october I have had really inconsistent results with hesmu and have only had one good hair day in the last three weeks when I went back to hett. I've tried to repeated exactly what I had done but haven't been able to get the same results.

I've tried lalsg, it gave me stringy waves in front nice waves in the back but it felt really producty and looked terrible by my face. I also have tried eco styler Krystal but that matted my hair when i was upside down so that when i stood up my hair didn't come down. I tied putting it in up right but it was very hard for me to distribute and my hair didn't look good after.

I've just purchased cj smoothing lotion to be used as a ro, cj ciab, cj cccl. I was hoping that using something other than drug store products may have made my hair look better but these made it look worse :cry: I also am waiting on cjcq from a swap so I'll be trying that soon.

I'm looking fro advice on how to get hett or smu to start working for me again or how to use cj better. Really any advice in general. Thanks!


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    Sounds like we have similar hair - although mine is very fine. I did a post on my blog about my hair routine which might be helpful to you. (The link is below...highlighted in pink.)

    It's been challenging to figure out what my low porosity hair likes. I have been on a mission this past week to research low porosity hair and figure out how to deal with it. My curls were looking a little limp (you can see a picture in my blog...they're S shaped vs my ringlets which I love.).

    What I've found is that my hair NEEDS shampoo with sulfates. My hair never did well following the curly girl method. My hair got weighed down and overconditioned no matter what I did. Apparently there is a reason for this - some low porosity hair needs shampoo because it helps to open up the cuticle. I use Curly Haired Solutions - Treatment Shampoo. I never get split ends anymore, my hair doesn't break or get dry...I LOVE it. It's amazing stuff.

    I've also found that my hair doesn't like oils. Anything with oils in it tends to weigh my hair down. I have had some luck with olive oil if it's low on the ingredient list...but still I have to be careful and stagger it's usage. Coconut oil is a no go for me - anything with this in results in limp hair.

    My hair seems to like proteins - silk proteins specifically. Almost all my favorite styling products have silk protein in them. I find that this helps boost my curls big time. Oddly my hair seems to do well with mineral oil too which I don't get.

    Gel is a must for me. I'd check the ingredients and find something with humectants and emollients. My hair seems able to tolerate these all year round.

    Fine hair seems to need a harder holding gel to hold our curls in place. I recently found a gel by Biosilk - rock had gelee, which my hair is responding well to. My hair loves Curl Keeper (by Curly Hair Solutions)...liberally applied, but I usually have to scrunch a harder holding gel in at the end to keep my fluffy curls together. I'm going to try just using the Rock Hard Gelee next to see if it's better all on it's own than curl keeper - I want to try to get second day hair!

    Anyway...I hope this helps! Feel free to write me if you need more help. :)
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    Thursday afternoon I did a clarifying sulfate shampoo and then straightened my hair. I needed to look nice for christmas party that evening and seeing as my curls haven't been cooperating lately this was my best option. I hadn't straightened it in months! It looks so much healthier then it did when I straightened it 2-3x a week. There's a noticeable difference about 4" down where my 'virgin' hair meets the rest. I had cut the most damaged ends off months ago and thought that i had none left. I'm no longer getting split end but I can see now that it's going to take years to truly get rid of all of my heat damage :( being cg has help restore my hair but you can't undo years of abuse.

    Another thing, it's now sunday and my hair still isn't the lest bit dirty!! I have 4th day straightened hair!! it's starting to get a little puffy so i put some cjsl in and now it looks nearly perfect again!!

    I know that i shouldn't straighten it more than once every few months so need to accept my curls and work on getting them to look good again. Once i have to wash it I'll update with results. I'm going to try being modified cg and shampoo once a week.
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    I just thought of something I had been meaning to ask:

    I've always been temped to buy BRGH but on many threads women say that they only use a pea size or two through their whole head. How on earth do you distribute that evenly? With a curl cream i think i could but i don't know how that would work with a gel especially over top of something else
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    I use another gel like KCCC on my whole head and then scrunch a small amount of BRHG on my ends for extra hold.

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    MKcurly, we have very similar hair. I have medium/fine hair that's low porosity. I too went through a rough patch and found that I need to clarify more often than I thought. I have serious build up and hard water so I can't co-wash twice in a row. My hair was getting droopy and ends were fluffy. Wouldn't clump.

    As for the BHRG, I use it and love it. I usually squeeze good amount of my regular gel (AIF or HESMU) into my palm, add small squirt (dime sized?) of BHRG and mix it in my palms then distribute over hair. I like hard holding gels. Dont mind crunch.
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    You ladies are right, I have a build up problem!! Even though all my gels are "cg". I've done more research on nc and all the water soluble cones like amethicone and the polyquates are not easily removed. Even oneC isn't truly cg. Which is really odd since LM invented cg.

    Now that I know what's going on I should be able to fix my hair. I have enough products that through trail and error I should be occupied for weeks lol. It's going to take a lot of will power not to buy more products or the chs treatment shampoo especially with the curl mart sale going on...