First time cowashing? Not so great....

I know things take time, but I tried cowashing for fun this past summer & it left my hair EXTREMELY frizzy and dry looking. The curls looked more spiral-y, but it didn't feel healthy. I tried again today and it looks the same. I know my hair has to "adjust", but isn't that more from a greasy phase (my scalp feels 'greasy' now, but I'm not concerned. I don't have oily hair), rather than a dry-frizzed out phase?

I also think my hair prefers shampoo, so inexpensive low/no sulfate shampoo's would be great :)

I know I shouldn't be such a quitter, but yeah... advice please?


  • induetimeinduetime Registered Users Posts: 105
    I'm still in transition and my first co wash wasn't great either. I use Miss Jessie's shampoos and it left my hard and tangled.

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  • agneslooagnesloo Registered Users Posts: 4
    I was considering trying Miss Jessie's... now I know not to :P
    Is the Shea Moisture or Curls any good? I hear good things, but I want to make sure before I spend $20-ish on the products... every dollar counts being a college student ^-^'
  • ChikyuuChikyuu Registered Users Posts: 268
    I always like to check the product reviews on (and lurk the forums) before I go out and buy a product. I've heard lots of good things about Shea Moisture, I just haven't tried it myself. When I first switched to CG, I decided to just switch out my products, and at first, just low-poo every day or two, then as my hair adjusted I low-poo'd less often, co-washed instead more often, etc.
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    I had to play around a lot to find a good co-wash for my hair. A lot depends on your hair's properties (texture, porosity, etc.). I have medium-high porosity hair and workout intensely most days during the week. I found that lighter conditioners (KCKT and Tresemme Naturals- volumizing) seem to work better for me than Suave or some of the heavier conditioners. I use a heavier rinse-out because my hair is prone to dryness at the ends. I'm also one of those people who cannot strictly co-wash- I low-poo twice a week (currently loving KC Come Clean and DermOrganics Conditioning Shampoo).

    Also, this might seem like a silly question, but did you do a final sulfate wash with a cone-free shampoo? I started using Deva products almost two years ago (long before I ever found this website) and added in one non-Deva product that was loaded with cones- my hair started looking so awful that I wore it pulled up for almost 4 straight months!
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  • agneslooagnesloo Registered Users Posts: 4
    Yeah, I always use a sulfate shampoo & I've been using silicone free or water soluble 'cones styling products for at least a year now, so that isn't it :)
    Maybe I should try a lighter conditioner, as you suggested... but I'm thinking my hair needs some sort of shampoo.... I hear good things about the Come Clean shampoo you suggested, but I wash my hair twice a week & I don't think it's good to use more than once a week, if that :P

    I don't know, I'm just not patient enough to wait it out (cowashing) 'cause my hair looked pretty bad :/

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