Thin hair, 16 years old

curlyJakecurlyJake Registered Users Posts: 29
Hey everyone, my name is Jacob and I've been noticing something. Ever since I started using leave in conditioner and gel and what have you, I've been noticing more scalp. When my hair is dry and doesn't have anything I see very little scalp. Usually when I get out of the shower, and I put gel or leave in Co in my hair I notice scalp only on the top, on the sides is fine. I've not been noticing any abnormal hair loss I don't think. I don't lose any hair during the day, only while in the shower. Baldness doesn't really run in my family so I don't think that's a factor, plus I'm only 16. So, what are your opinions on this, am I just noticing it more or am I going bald:/

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  • kimhannahkimhannah Registered Users Posts: 3
    Long-term stress can cause hair loss too. Do you experience any stresses? Do you overwork? Don't you spend time hanging out with friends?
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  • curlyJakecurlyJake Registered Users Posts: 29
    Lost most of my friend due to an ex girlfriend, and I am pretty stressed at home. Long story, but my dad isn't exactly making this a stress free environment.
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    You're probably not thinning. It's just that when ou put certain products in hair hair and your hair is wet, it looks like you have less hair. that's why it looks find when it's dry. Same thing happens to me, especially when I put it in wet hair.
    Try to hang in there with the other stuff. I know it's hard. I've had stuff like that happen even as an adult. Haters do exist. You have to keep your head up and don't let it get out down. You know you didn't do anything to deserve it, but unfortunately you can't control what other people say and there are many more people who will follow the pack than those who can think on their own. You're 16. In 2 year's you'll be 18. Make plans for your future. Think about going to college and how great that will be. Keep your eyes on the prize. Don't let them stop you. If you do, you're giving them the power. You have the power to do and be whatever you want. Peace.
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    Sounds like your hair may be clumping together with the leave in and gel thus exposing more scalp. If you were thinning, you'd notice it when you weren't using product either. My hair does the same- clumps together and exposes scalp.
    I have lost half of my hair and I found the shed hair everywhere- in the dishwasher, silverware drawer, laundry, in books, etc. everywhere.

    Take some up close pictures so you can monitor the progression. If you start seeing a change, go to the dr.

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