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How long does it take you to straighten your hair?

AshlynAlanaAshlynAlana Posts: 6Registered Users
It takes me about an hour, so I don't straighten it very often. How about you?


  • Curlzz'Curlzz' Posts: 8Registered Users
    Usually, about an hour. But sometimes it takes only like 45 minutes if my hair isn't very curly on that day.
  • curlycoilsarahcurlycoilsarah Posts: 4Registered Users
    dont really straighten it but if i do 1 and a half hours to 2hours
  • curlyteencurlyteen Posts: 6Registered Users
    It takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes with thick long 3a/3b curls. If I put it in a bun right when I get right out of the shower and let it dry that way it takes me about 45 minutes
  • Lena56Lena56 Posts: 24Registered Users
    Straight out of the shower if I blow dry it and brush it, it takes somewhere around 20 mins.. my hair is pretty easy to straighten, especially since it's shorter now. But if I had my hair styled wavy/curly with products and everything, I have no idea, but it'd probably take an hour or so.. haha.
    Mostly 2b with bits of 2c in the front (Fia)
    High Porosity (Color treated/flat iron damage)
    Fine to Medium Texture
    Medium Density
    Normal Elasticity

    Mod CG since Sept 2011
    Co-Wash: Tresemme Naturals Moisture
    Low-Poo: Renpure Organics Moisture
    Leave in: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
    Gel: BRHG/KCCC
  • shadowofzstatue3shadowofzstatue3 Posts: 16Registered Users
    For me, at least 2 hours!
  • KurlyPrincessKurlyPrincess Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    about 30 minutes...used to take me longer, but I think I got better at it :P
    <3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    About 3 hours maybe 4 including shampoo&condition then blow dry then flat iron! I usually get it done once a month

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  • Curlygurly0802Curlygurly0802 Posts: 6Registered Users
    It used to take me almost an hour to straighten my hair to my liking, but since my last two haircuts, I've been trying new products and it now takes me 30mins at the most!
  • petrastaufpetrastauf Posts: 17Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    2-3 hours. There's a LOT of hair there. :D
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  • curls7curls7 Posts: 18Registered Users
    When i do a regular routine it takes me about an hour in a half or so but when i flatten my curls to make them wavy it takes me 30 to 45 minutes because i like it perfecto!!!!!!
  • CurlyUniqueCurlyUnique Posts: 94Registered Users
    It takes me about an hour and a half to two hours to straighten my hair and that's barely brushing my shoulder hair (after it's straightened). My hair is so thick the just the top half section of my hair is a full pony tail for a lot of people. I have a ton of hair that's why I only straighten it once every two months and that's just because I'm keeping track of my hair growth and it's easier to keep track of the growth straightened. Once I reach my goal length (which is like demi lovato's length) I won't straighten it at all or just once a year.
    2c/3a with some 2b-fine/coarse-iii-low porosity-normal elasticity
    [FONT=&quot]Started CG 10/16/12
    [FONT=&quot] Vo5 Kiwi Lime [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Conditioner:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Tresemme Naturals
    [FONT=&quot]Styling Products:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] La Bella Lots of Curls gel [/FONT]
  • RimiRimi Posts: 2,001Registered Users
    Including blow drying, 2-2.5 hours
    21 y/o lifelong natural {4a-O ; spongy ; coarse ; dense ; MBL stretched}

    products {'poo: TJTTT shampoo | RO: TJTTT Condish | LI/style: TJTTT Condish, homemade cocoa butter cream | DC: condish + ayurvedic powder(s), Aussie 3MMM Treatment | PT: condish + NPF | oils: castor oil, grapeseed oil | other treatments: probiotics, tea rinses, AVG rinse/spritz, oil rinse | sealing method: LC sometimes O}

    long-term: HL stretched, BSL unstretched

    CG-friendly Products List!
  • brynnebrynne Posts: 11Registered Users
    Sometimes it will not straighten, it just gets wavy and frizzy instead, no matter how many times I straighten it -_- But on a good, dry day, with barely any humidity, then it takes an hour. But this really doesn't happen, unless it's winter, so in the humidity it can take up to two hours for it to be "straight" (well, as straight as I can get it).
  • CurlyCutie1394CurlyCutie1394 Posts: 348Registered Users
    Hour maybe hour and a half
  • KrazEKinkEKurlzKrazEKinkEKurlz Posts: 32Registered Users
    About 2 hours because my stylist has to flatten, then hot comb, and then flatten again to get my hair straight for like all of 15 minutes

    Lots of Luck, Love, ... And Curls!!! :)
  • SandiSandi Posts: 364Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Two to three hours, leaning toward three.
    Hair Type: 3c/4a, Coarse, Med-High Density, Med-Low Porosity
    Curly since '09
  • RingletTeenLoveRingletTeenLove Posts: 116Registered Users
    2-3 hours. My hair is super thick! I have to blow dry than take inch by inch by inch of hair to get it silky!

    Needs A lot Of Moisture.
  • luluusluluus Posts: 50Registered Users
    I shower at night so if I leave my hair curly the next morning it takes about 30-45 minutes to straighten. As I straightened very often I developed strategies to make it take shorter time. But usually when I straighten I blow dry my hair at night while brushing it (which takes about 10-15 minutes) so it's easier to straighten in the morning and only takes about 20-30 minutes.

    But I pretty much stopped straightening my hair. It's too much trouble plus it doesn't ever really stay straight.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Under 5 minutes.
  • irociroc Posts: 7,890Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    About 5 minutes. My hair is fairly short and straightens easily.

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  • StellarCurlsStellarCurls Posts: 159Registered Users
    About 30 min from soaking wet. If I let it air dry, I can do it in about 15 min.

    Sent from my PC36100 using CurlTalk App
    APL 3A
    Medium porosity, medium density, medium thickness
    Current routine: Daily co-washing with Giovanni conditioner (whatever is on sale), styling with Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Amplifier, and 1-2x per week cleansing with a Chagrin Valley shampoo bar followed by an ACV rinse
  • ElizabethFaithElizabethFaith Posts: 429Registered Users
    Mine takes anywhere between two and three hours, tops! Feels like an eternity, though!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Curly and PROUD!!!

    My hair has a mix of low/med/high porosity, and it's medium textured (some are still fine, though!)

    CG since Sept. 2011
    Cowash: Vo5/Suave Naturals/Tresemme Naturals*
    RO/LI: GVPCB*, Tresemme Naturals*
    Low-poo: Shea Moisture Moisture Retention
    Stylers: KCKT*, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Honey*

    * represents my HGs!!! Finally!!!
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    I'm a lot faster than I use to be now that its a little longer but it still takes about 2 hours maybe 3 if you incude slight air+blow drying.
    When I get it done by someone else it takes just as long!
  • hipxmonxsterhipxmonxster Posts: 12Registered Users
    I just cut my hair to become natural, so I think it would take me 40 minutes now. Prior to that, maybe 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • MissDarceiMissDarcei Posts: 193Registered Users
    2-3 hours depending on whos doing it. My hair isnt long but man is it thick
    3c Hair
    Fine Strands, High Density, Low Porosity
    CG since August 2011
    :love4:Loving my hair!!!:love4:
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    MissDarcei wrote: »
    2-3 hours depending on whos doing it. My hair isnt long but man is it thick

    Omg are you from youtube?! (I'm subscribed)
  • Y3ssi88Y3ssi88 Posts: 132Registered Users
    Usually two to three hours that's why I hardly do it.
  • JessiesCurlsJessiesCurls Posts: 36Registered Users
    When it's the length it is now, about 30 minutes. When it was longer, it took about 45 minutes to an hour. I hardly ever straighten my hair anymore; I think it looks better curly. :)
    Fine/medium texture
    Medium density
    Normal porosity
    Products I Am Currently Using...
    Co-wash: L'Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner
    Rinse out: Whatever Vo5 I have on hand
    Deep Conditioner: L'Oreal Evercreme Deep Nourishing Masque
    Low-Poo: Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo
    Stylers: Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha, LA Looks Cashmere Curls
    Biotin Supplement: Puritan's Pride Hair, Skin, & Nails Formula

    :headbang: Rock your curls! :headbang:
  • Theatre_CurlsTheatre_Curls Posts: 4Registered Users
    2 hours... That's why I only straighten it for plays.
  • MissDarceiMissDarcei Posts: 193Registered Users
    Johari wrote: »
    MissDarcei wrote: »
    2-3 hours depending on whos doing it. My hair isnt long but man is it thick

    Omg are you from youtube?! (I'm subscribed)

    LOL yes I am :P Thanks for subscribing :toothy7:
    3c Hair
    Fine Strands, High Density, Low Porosity
    CG since August 2011
    :love4:Loving my hair!!!:love4:

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