Need help with my new year, new cut!!

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For the coming new year I want to try something very different with my hair. I've had kinda short hair before and I really liked it, but my friend that cuts my hair normally refuses to give me a pixie cut or anything to short.

So I'm planning on going to a salon and getting my hair cut super short. I have thick medium 2c hair, but when I went shorter before it straighten out more than anything. Though I still had to fight frizz with my bangs which were the longest part. My profile pic is what my hair looks like now when I've styled it to within an inch of its life. Normally it looks more like the pic I attached.

So though I'm really want to go with the super short look I wanted to get some feedback. And I guess I just want someone to tell me what they think objectively because my friends and family are horrified that I would try this, I want to know if you think it would look bad and why you think that or if you think I could rock it. I want something like these

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the first pic is my favorite despite the name lol and I'm really hoping it can look more like that.

I'm also considering highlights but I've never dyed my hair before and I'm not even sure where to start. suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


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    I have had a super short pixie type cut three separate times in my life and the main thing I have learned through my own experience is that you have to rock your style with confidence no matter what. There have been a bunch of times where I regretted having a short haircut and envied those with long hair. There were even times where I worried that I didn't look feminine enough and felt insecure. On the flip side, I find when I have longer hair I sometimes feel it is boring and wish for something short and more modern. But as I stated before, I have chopped a pixie cut three separate times now (each time from long hair!) so I have obviously evolved in my feelings about short cuts or else I wouldn't have revisited a short cut. :nike:

    It can be annoying when friends and family give negative feedback on something like that and it creates doubt. But there is obviously a reason why you want to do it.

    And it's your hair.
    And it grows back.

    I'm certainly not trying to convince anyone to do it or not do it. I'm just saying that I think you will decide to either do it or not do it and you should rock your decision with confidence. Even if people say the quintessential cringe-worthy, "What did you do to your hair?"

    That being said, the pic is a little dark but it looks like you have really nice, strong eyebrows which would definitely look cool with a short cut! Also, you have a really nice, big smile and I think your features in general would stand out with a short cut. Also, you mentioned the thought of highlights. I don't think that would look bad at all, although I think rich, dark hair looks great in a short cut. Out of the four pics, my favorites are the second and third. I really like that choppy, brushed forward look with short hair. However, all these cuts are short, just styled differently. The first pic is just styled with the hair being pushed back.

    Have you tried uploading your pic to any of the hair style try-on "studios", such as or (not affiliated) just to see how you might look with a really short cut?
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    I think you'd look great in any of those cuts, but, like MiniJoanna, I prefer the second and third ones! With your features, the short hair would really highlight your eyes and bone structure.

    I've worn my hair really short most of my adult life (I had no idea that I had waves, and felt like short cuts would help with what I thought were just terrible cowlicks!), and always loved how modern I felt and how easy it was to style. Like MiniJoanna said, you just have to really be confident and not let others bother you with comments about how women "should" have longer hair.

    Have you been to a Deva-trained stylist before? If not, that might be a good place to go for this kind of cut since a curly specialist would be able to give you a short pixie that works with your curls. She or he would also be able to make recommendations about what kind of highlights would work with the cut you decide on.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!
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