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Hi! I just started the no poo method and even though I'm only a couple of days into it, I already have some concerns. First, my hair is getting really greasy and I'm dying to shampoo it! I'm definitely scrubbing my scalp enough and rinsing all the conditioner out so I don't think that's the problem. I also double checked my conditioner and it doesn't have any silicone in it. Another concern is the fact that I tend to get dandruff, so I feel like using my head-and-shoulders shampoo will become an absolute necessity it the near future. The idea of the no poo method appeals to me...I'm just not sure I can even last for a week without my already greasy hair sending the false message that I haven't showered in the past seven days!


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    I know that for most people there is an adjustment period while your scalp gets used to sulfate-free hair care. I didn't have a huge issue with this only because I was already using DC No-Poo for almost two years before I went CG. I did find that certain conditioners work better for me as a co-wash than others--my favorites are KCKT and Tresemme Naturals (volumizing). But I am one of those people who cannot strictly co-wash and I have to low-poo about twice a week to keep my hair looking and feeling good (I do very high-impact exercise 4-5 days a week, so my scalp can get very dirty, very quickly). The other thing you could try is a brown sugar scalp scrub--I've become a huge fan of these.
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