Anxiety and Hair Issues

Around three years ago I experienced a tremendous anxiety attack that forced me to stop eating properly (dropped about 50 pounds in a month 1/2 period), isolate myself, constantly be fearful of my surroundings, and etc. During that time I had been wearing micro braid extensions. It was about time for them to come out but instead I lost all intentions of doing that. I did notice that my braids began falling out by the root one by one (Around six in one month which is a lot for me). It wasn't too noticeable since I have such thick hair, but it most definitely scared the crap out of me.

Eventually I had to take the braids out and thank God my hair hadn't taken too much of a beating after leaving the braids in for six months, but my hair did look stressed just as much as I did. Soooo, I did full head sew-ins w/ my hair cornrowed underneath to let my hair rest and grow w/out and I started eating properly (yay for protein!!!).

So, if anyone has their anxiety/hair story to tell please feel free to share. :-)

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