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Ok so I think my hair has high porosity but, I am not sure. Can anybody help me....Ok when i go to wash my hair the back of my hair gets wet fairly quickly. However, the front of my hair takes forever to get wet, or at least it feels that way because even with water on this part of my hair it feels dry. it never feels completely drenched. Then, without products in my hair, my hair dries quickly. When i go to condition my hair, the front needs a lot more product then the back. Is this high porosity?? Any advice???
When i did the water test, two strands of hair sank all the way to the bottom of the cup but, i think I may have helped them because i pushed them into the water. The last stayed close to the top of the water but the hair sunk into the water???? So confused, Can someone help me please// Is it high or low porosity?????


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    If your hair takes a long time to get wet or the water just beads up on your hair and your hair does not easily tangle, then you're probably low porosity.

    Some people have a mixture of both, so go by the dominating porosity.
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    Seems like you do have some low po hair. I have high po and my hair gets wet easily no beads. I would redo the test again and this time do not push the hairs in otherwise the test would be void lol.
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    Thought I had med porous until I read this thread! When I wet my hair not only are there no beads of water but the curl pattern goes to almost 2c or 3a my hair loves water. ?? Could this be that my hair is just really dry though? Omg! I need to give the board a break! I'm so jealous of you curlies that know your hair and the products it needs...

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