Diffuser vs. Air Dry

soccercurlssoccercurls Posts: 3Registered Users
Which one has worked better for your hair and why: using a diffuser or letting it air dry? I air dry, but am thinking about changing my method. Any advice/opinions would be super helpful! Thanks! :)


  • NLuvWithCurlzNLuvWithCurlz Posts: 99Registered Users
    I've been doing both. I let it air dry about 90 percent then I diffuse for a few seconds

    I am so missing the L.I.Y.A.H
  • soccercurlssoccercurls Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks for the response! :)
  • jcfrizzlejcfrizzle Posts: 90Registered Users
    It depends on the look I want. If I want more volume i use my diffuser, if I want less I air dry.
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    i've been doing cg kind of method since may..i was always air drying...but its dec in new jersey..its too cold to sit around and air dry or go out with wet yesterday i diffused for the first time! I'll say i liked the results however the top/outer later of my hair got kinda frizzy and dry so i need to buy something to apply afterwards, some kind of moisturizer or something. I was thinking of trying the jane carter nourish and shine. Overall though..i liked the hair got some extra volume, it was soft, and the curly were pretty nicely defined.
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    I let my hair air dry for half an hour to an hour, then I use a diffuser. I use to let my hair air dry, but using kinky curly, my hair would take an entire day, plus it's winter in NJ. I think I'll continue to use a diffuser in spring and summer. I only wash my hair once a week and with conditioner, so my hair is not dried out or damage. Plus I deep treat once or twice a month.
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