What does my hair need ?

Can someone help me out . I'm so confused by my hair and can use some suggestions . My hair is a mix of 2c and 3a . With the cold weather it really loses volume and curl . Yesterday and today it got very cold here in Pa. and my hair just droops . However my hair gets weighed down easily so I don't know whether to DT or not . I know it must be the cold dry air but if I DT won't it make it more droopy ?
Any suggestions ?
Thanks !


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    Is your hair damaged and/or very dry? If not, you don't have anything to gain by using a DT.

    You might want to try a curl [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink], for instance. I'm a 3a with a barely wavy underneath layer, and I get a whole lot of curl boost from using [buylink=]Jessicurl Gelebration[/buylink] under my styler.
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    My hair is coarse and somewhat dry but not too bad .
    I have to keep trying with recoil . I just couldn't get it to work . My hair is short , just below my chin and I can't find the right amount of recoil to use .
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    Maybe Recoil is just not the right product for your hair. There's no problem if you have to throw in the towel on this product. Because there are a lot of other popular products that didn't work for my hair either.

    I would suggest that because you are a looser-haired type of curly that you look for products that offer hydration and certainly not ones that will offer weight such as those with heavy oils or butters. When you look for products look for ones that are geared either towards "fine" hair or ones that specifically say that they "work for all hairtypes." And when you do try products for your hair remember to write down what ingredients or products work for your hair and which ones don't. So that way you can avoid wasting your money on products in the future.

    You can definitely benefit from doing deep conditioning treatments on a weekly basis as well too. The best deep conditioning treatment that I personally know of and will continue to use on my head(as long as I have hair) is ORS(Organic Root Stimulator) Replenishing Pak. I buy mines from Sally's. But you can check for it at any of your other local stores to see if they carry it as well. It is sold down the ethnic hair care isle, but it is actually a product that women women of all races are actually catching on to (because it works!).
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    The trick with recoil is to put it in really wet hair then rake or comb through to distribute. I use a flat nickel amount and my hair is several inches below my shoulders.

    Rusk Being Gutsy is nice for winter hair too.
    I personally have just been using a heavier conditioner and making sure I use a leave in and DT once a week or as needed.
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    Do you use a leave-in? Some products will weigh my hair down but I use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner everyday. It's a good base before you put in your styling products.
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    Thanks for all the help . I will definitely pick up that ORS product . Sally's is just a few blocks from my house .
    I do use a leave in . I have a few . CJ B and H , GF curl and shine and I also at times use [buylink=]milkshake[/buylink] as my leave in .
    I''ll start with trying a DT . Thanks again.
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    I forgot to ask , is the replenishing pak the olive oil replenishing pak ?