white thing?

nadyanadya Registered Users Posts: 34
my hair looks amazing...but there is one problem everytyme i cratch my scalp..this weird white thing comes into my finger nails..what is that? n my scalp feels greasy..is it greasy or are they the natural oils u gt after going cg?


  • SmallFrySmallFry Registered Users Posts: 614
    It might be dandruff.
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    I think you need to make sure you really, really scrub/massage your scalp when you're in the shower. Even on days you're not co-washing, massage your scalp under the shower.

    You may want to try some baking soda scrubs, or something. I'm not the best at those natural cleansing things, so maybe someone else can give you some tips - but basically that's a lot of buildup on your scalp, and whether you're shampooing or not, you shouldn't have "gunk" on your scalp.
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