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Curl Junkie - Help me choose products, please?

So - I continue on with my quest to sample new products. Everyone has been raving about the Curl Junkie line, so while their gel didn't work well in my hair, I'd like to try out their shampoo and conditioners.

Here's what I have in my cart so far:
Repair Me! Reconstructive Hair Treatment
Beauticurls Strengthening Hair Conditioner
Curl Assurance Gentle Cleansing Shampoo

I am a bit confused by my hair at the moment. It's super soft and slippery - I'm having a hard time encouraging curl so I want to experiment with some new products. I thought my hair loved protein but I did a K-pack reconstructor treatment and my hair turned out super limp with thin noodle like curls. Awful. I tried to revive it with Jessicurls To Shea! conditioner but it's still a limp (albeit silky) mess.

My hair also seems to freak out when there is too much oil in a product (Mop C and Audrey Organic shampoos = hair disaster). My hair needs something to encourage clumps without softening it up further. If the ingredients are a long list of oils they just turn my hair into a stringy, fluffy soft limp mess.

Do you guys think that the Curl Junkie line would work on my tresses? I have very fine hair, low porosity with medium thickness and it's quite temperamental, although thankfully it's in good condition. Products either work in my hair, or they're colossal failures and result in me having no curls. There's no in between with my curls. Very few things actually work for me. :(

I know I can order samples, but I thought I'd get everyone's feedback first. Do you think the above Curl Junkie products are worth me trying, or can you recommend something else from this line? Thanks for your help!


  • aislinaislin Posts: 864Registered Users
    I have fine, protein loving, porous hair and I love CJ - some of their styler line just doesn't work at all for me (AFL) but others are amazing (CQ, CCCL).

    In general, if you're wary of oils, I'd be careful of this line. My hair is down with oils, but even I have been having issues lately from using this line too much - maybe I should take it as a sign my hair is getting healthier and less porous. Mainly, using Smoothing Conditioner and the new argan oil conditioner and I go really limp as of late. Their two leave ins - Smoothing LI and Beauticurls LI are great too, but IMO Smoothing LI feels like a lighter version of the Strengthening conditioner, and less like the Smoothing conditioner - less weighty. The Beauticurls LI seems more apt to weigh me down and feels heavier in terms of oils. Always check the ingredient lists in this line!

    Repair Me! is awesome, and the strengthening conditioner is great because it really is not a weighty conditioner in terms of oils. It's become my favorite conditioner because it gives great slip and moisture - I think if your issue is being weighed down and are wary of too many oils this would be a great conditioner for you to try. The lo-poo is decent - some have issues with it because it's incredibly runny/feels watered down. I still like it, but I wouldn't repurchase. When I'm feeling limp, I take it as a sign I have too many oils and need to clarfiy or use a stronger lo-poo- unfortunately this lo-poo doesn't help too much in that department.

    I would definitely suggest you try their sampler pack otherwise you will literally spend a small fortune trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Luckily, most of the stuff does well on the swap board if it doesn't work out for you.
    Wurly, fine, thin, moderately to heavily porous. Mod CG.

  • Lucky CharmLucky Charm Posts: 1,250Registered Users
    Kathymack Sells samples. You can choose which products to try and she'll send them along. Her shipping is fast and her prices are great!

    Sent from my iPhone using CurlTalk
    - 2C - Coarse Canopy & med/fine underlayers
    - MOP C Hydrating 'poo
    - LOreal Natures Therapy Moisturizing condish, ION Effective Care, Garnier S&S (old formula)
    - treatments: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Repair Me!
    - plopping, diffusing, and clipping the roots
  • lj2lj2 Posts: 128Registered Users Curl Novice
    You might really like the Curl Queen gel if your hair loves protein. I love CQ but also love the new Pattern Pusha gel as well. Also, Curl Rehab is an excellent conditioner. One of my favorites.

    I agree, though, that you may want to try some samples from Kathymack.

    Good luck, it is an excellent line of products if you find the ones that work for your hair.
    3A, fine, low porosity. Hair tends to be dry/frizzy

    Favorite product lines: Curl Junkie, Sevi Organics
    Shampoo: Curl Junkie Daily Fix, CJ Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, All Sevi Shampoos
    Conditioner: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, Smoothing Conditioner, Repair Me (really all CJ conditioners), All Sevi Conditioners
    Styling: Curl Junkie CCCC & Pattern Pusha, CJ Smoothing Lotion, CJ CIAB, Anything Sevi
  • FrizzBgoneFrizzBgone Posts: 2,678Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I agree with getting samples from Kathymack. It will allow you to try samples from multiple companies and only pay shipping once. Kathymack doesn't sell old items and packages her products in clean containers - her service is great.

    I love the Daily Fix Cleanser. While the Cleansing Shampoo is really nice as well, it is very water-y. Of the two cleansers, I much prefer DF.

    I love CJ's cleansers and conditioners. The stylers haven't always worked well in my hair, but her other products are top notch. The only styler I use consistently from CJ is CIAB. I use it as a serum, rather than a styler. It is the last product I scrunch in prior to diffusing. it works with all my stylers and helps prevent frizz from forming.

    I'm not going to be much help to you recommending products, because my hair likes the oils. Sorry :(
    Type: 3a fine & dense,with normal porosity, terrible product junkie
    ROUTINE: LI, enhancer, gel, plop with Curlease towel, serum product (either CIAB or Gel-les'c), clip & diffuse.
    Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!
  • asianrunnerasianrunner Posts: 2,251Registered Users
    I don't think my hair cares much about oils one way or another, the only products my hair has absolutely hated that are heavy on oils are the Jessicurl Too Shea and WDT and GFTN.

    I really like the Strengthening condish although it does have glycerin high up on the list if that's a problem. My hair did not care for the Gentle Shampoo but does ok with the Daily Fix. I use Repair Me as a PT but it is also very moisturizing as well...
    Coarse texture, normal-high porosity, normal elasticity (Komaza Care), very weak waves
    cleanser: Redken Fresh Curls Shampoo, CJ Daily Fix

    rinse out: GVP Conditioning Balm, CJ Beauticurls, CJ Smoothing

    jellies/creams: CR Curl Maker, KCCC
    gels: CJ CQ, CJ Pattern Pusha, BRHG

  • justajesuschickjustajesuschick Posts: 1,657Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Well, we have different hair (mine is medium fine and I do not have your curl, for instance) but I will give you my opinion since my hair is also not a fan of oils and not an aloe gel fan, although you do not mention that.
    My hair likes protein in products but responds to PTs EXACTLY as you have described.

    I have had zero luck with any cleansers or rinse out conditioners from this line. Left me coated or gave me the itchies. Stylers were not much better.

    That said, I have GREAT success with Deep Fix as a DT and as a leave in, Beauticurls leave-in and now Pattern Pusha Gel.

    As much as I have been told (and wanted to believe) that it was the mixture of ingredients rather than specific ingredients, using my hair as my own lab, the results net out that for me that is not the case.

    Deep Fix-Yes! Curl Fix and Rehab-No! Guess what? Both of these contain jojoba. Neither my hair nor my skin responds well to jojoba and I know that.

    I have Repair Me but again, my hair does not love it. Not surprising since it does not like PTs and then guess what? It has jojoba.

    The products I love from her line contain no jojoba and the gel no aloe.

    I agree with the others. I'd get samples from kathymack to try first. You'll find some things you love in the line but trial can get expensive while you search.
    I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
    2b, medium-fine, normal-low porosity, medium density and elasticity
    CG since 7/1/2010

    Cleanse: Abba Color Protect
    Condition: DevaCurl OC
    LI: CJ-Deep Fix, Beauticurls LI
    Curl Enhancer: CHS Curl Keeper, KCCC
    Gel: Alba Strong Hold Gel, BRHG, Hugo Naturals Gel, SS FHG, CJPP
    Trying/Maybe: Ecostyler, CJRM
  • CalamityMCalamityM Posts: 540Registered Users
    I knew I could count on the curly haired community to help me out! :compress: I agree that it makes sense to try to get a few samples first. I was hoping to avoid that; it adds up quick, but it would be awful to spend money on products I ultimately can't use. I made note of what you guys said did and didn't work. I appreciate the honest feedback. :) Now I just need to figure out how to contact this Kathymack everyone's talking about so I can hook myself up with some CJ product samples! :) :thumright:
  • FrizzBgoneFrizzBgone Posts: 2,678Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    You can send her a pm right from this site.

    Her fotki account is where you can see everything she has. Here is a link to it
    Public Home | Kathymack | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.
    Type: 3a fine & dense,with normal porosity, terrible product junkie
    ROUTINE: LI, enhancer, gel, plop with Curlease towel, serum product (either CIAB or Gel-les'c), clip & diffuse.
    Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!
  • CurlyHairedFarmerCurlyHairedFarmer Posts: 3,073Registered Users
    The Joico K-pak has mineral oil I believe. I know that it weighs the heck out of my hair.

    For CJ I love the Strengthening Conditioner, the Gentle Cleanser, BC Leave-in, Pattern Pusha, Curl Queen gel. I also adore Curl Fix now. I do use other products, but those are my most reached for.

    I do have to switch it up and use products from other lines to give my hair a break or it does become overconditioned.
    Currently Loving:
    Shampoo: Giovanni 50:50

    Conditioners - CJ Strengthening, CJ Beauticurls Argan and Olive Oil, CJ Rehab, CJ Curl Fix

    Leave-in: CJ Smoothing

    Deep Conditioner: CJ Hibiscus and Banana Deep Fix

    Stylers - Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier, AG:Recoil, KCCC, Mop-C Curling Cream, Paul Mitchell Sculpting foam
  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Posts: 2,098Registered Users
    I have fine normal porosity medium density.
    My go to product is shescentit coco creme leave in conditioner
    Donna marie miracurl curly jelly
    I get amazing curls with these two.

    Fine hair typically loves protein. I use ion effective care or add colorful neutral protein filler to my non protein conditioner. Shescentit has a few protein conditioners I like too.
    I havent tried a lot of cj products cuz they are so pricey and i go thru a ton of conditioner.
    Homemade flaxseed gel is a great product. I add meadowfoam, protein filler, some epsom salt and agave.

    Curl enhancers- paul mitchell round trip and ag recoil are good.

    Protein tx- aphogee 2 minute reconstructor not the step 2 which is a different product
  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 9,001Administrators, Moderators Administrator

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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