Etch a stetch erase, how do I deal?

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Yeah... I have curly hair. I got it down to mid-back and then it was so big, dense and hard to handle during the summer that I wanted it gone. So first I had it taken down to a small little bit, then I shaved it off down to stubble.

It was 2c to 3a, and I have cut my hair short once before and I was certain it was going to afro out. But since it is shorter than before(waaaaay) I really don't know how to deal with it.
I try not to use products and take a lot of preparation because I am simply to lazy and otherwise it comes back and gets revenge most of the time. I wash it every other day and the second day is my worst enemy because all the curly disappears and I just look like a character from Dragon Ball Z with my hair moving in directions.

What can I do???