New & confused..Am I 3b or 3c????? Help!

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Hello, this is my first post and I did a google search and found this site...THANK GOD!
I've had my hair natural for about 10 years and eventually found a system that worked for me.
Unfortunately the company of the hair products I used to use stop making my items.
I then started with Tressame hair care, which worked pretty good but not as good as the old stuff.
It sufficed.
Problem is now I've moved to Belgium, and they don't carry Tressame products, or much of the products I used to use in America and my hair is suffering for it.
That's when I found this site and now I'm SO confused because I don't know what hair type I am so I can begin the proper care in order to nurse my tresses back to health.

The front of my hair barely curls...if anything it's more of a slight wave....the middle....well is the frizziest and the back are ringlets that wrap around my pinky.
Also my curls definitely loosen as they grow out....which I find very annoying. :laughing4:

I have a pic of when it behaves :)
when it doesn't...
when it's in a ponytail
and when it's wet.

Please help!!!

Thanks guys


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    Honestly, I can't tell you your curl type. You have a mix in your pictures. Your roots and ends are different enough that I wonder if there is heat or color damage that is making your curl pattern straighter as it gets closer to the ends.

    But, curl type isn't as important to figuring out what products you'll need as finding out where you are with fine vs coarse and porous vs non porous.

    The Britishcurlies website has a shop. You can also look for products that are richer and more moisturizing. A protein reconstructor may be helpful as well.

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    Med/Coarse, porous curly.
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    Hey Hun from the looks of it I believe u r a strong 3c. Because your hair is dyed it chemically altered ur curl pattern which can happen. But ur new growth is beautiful.
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    Hey Hun from the looks of it I believe u r a strong 3c. Because your hair is dyed it chemically altered ur curl pattern which can happen. But ur new growth is beautiful.

    I guess it's easier to figure out other people's hair-types, huh! :happy5:
    My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse. :happy6:

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    I'm no expert but the roots look kinda fuzzy like type 4 hair.
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    Youre deffinatly not a 4. Your roots look like a 3c maybe, but the rest looks somewhere in the 2's..?
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    ur hair looks heat damaged like u lost ur natural curl pattern due to heat and dye
    3B/3C Recovering from heat damaged :/... almost like transitioning because most of my hair is straight it won't curl, thsi is due to sooo many years of using heat without stoping.

    Braid out and twist out are my staple styles right now! Not using heat since December 2011. Still experimenting with products!
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    I'm thinking your right about me having heat & styling damage as I like to go straight about once a month, or do a blowdry with a round brush and let it naturally curl on it's own...but for the most's a wash & go.

    I recently had a little "accident" when I burned some of my hair from a tea lite candle.
    That incident and the info that u guys have given me has prompted me to go no poo to try to gain my curls back naturally and in a more pocket friendly way.
    So I've been alternating the lemon and cucumber poo & the avocado/honey hair mask with an AVC rinse, while also using aloe vera & EVOO as a gel.
    Last but not least.....I've been staying away from the hair dryer and flat iron.
    I must say the results are hair is so soft and the middle of my hair isn't half as frizzy as it used to be.....also noticing that my ends are curling back up a bit...but not drastically.
    Thing is a part of the reason why I went natural was because I loved the versatility of being able to go from curly to straight to "Miss Tina Turner What's Love Gotta Do Wit It" if I wanted to lol.
    So does this mean in order for my hair to "behave".....I have to let that go???? :cry:

    Thanks guys for the replies!!!!!!!
    I think the next time I wash I'll upload pics so u guys can see the difference.
    Happy New Year to you all