What's the most moisturizing treatment you know of?

My hair is very non-porous but needs hydration badly. I have tried coconut oil and olive oil, and the results were good, but far from great. This was after like 5-6 straight days doing overnight treatments. I stopped because I was afraid of overconditioning, but I don't know if that's even possible for my hair.

So my choices are that I could go back to my 50-50 olive/coconut oil regimen and stick it out for a few more days, or I could try something entirely new...but I'm not sure what. I'm getting desperate though, because it is getting really cold and my hair isn't happy!


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    Do you have a Sally's Beauty Supply?
    GVP The Conditioning Balm is very moisturizing and cheap.
    It's a good rinse out and leave in. Leave it on overnight and it's a good deep treatment.

    I don't find that oils are enough to moisturize my hair. I need a good conditioner and may add some oil to the conditioner. But alone, it's not enough.
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    Try adding honey to your oil mixture. Honey is a humectant and I've been using a honey oil dc for months now and my hair loves it.
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    Oils by themselves don't moisturize. They help retain the moisture, but you need good conditioning products as well.

    My hair is porous and can easily be overconditioned. I get better results with proteins.

    Edit: sorry, I don't know why I read the OP as having said she was porous. My bad.
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    Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent, or Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment. All are excellent DT's.
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    queen helene cholesterol deep conditioner.
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    I second Curl Rehab. I have fine porous hair and I'm going against the need for protein in all of my products, especially now that it's winter. I've tried that regimen before but it's just so drying. I don't know if that is correct but it's how my hair feels to me. I use Curl Rehab as a rinse out conditioner this time of year and I don't need a leave-in as it is moisturizing enough without one.
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    My hair is non-porous as well so here are a few tricks I use to get moisture to soak in:
    1) deep condition on dry hair. I've only been doing this for a few weeks now, but it makes a big difference. With porous hair you don't want the water from your shower soaking in first and taking up the room your conditioner might use. Most DT have water in them anyway.
    2) use a little heat. Heat can help open up the cuticle some so when I deep condition I use a blowdryer on medium for a few minutes.
    3) Baggy. You're probably already doing this, but deep condition overnight while wearing a shower cap and then rinse in the morning. The shower cap creates a hot, moist environment that will help your hair to open up and take in some of your conditioner. And because your hair cuticle is tightly closed, the extra time to deep condition will give the product more of a chance to penetrate.

    The great thing about porous hair is that, once you get moisture in there, it's not leaving anytime soon. I've found it's less about what product I use (within reason, the ingredients do have to be decent) and more about my technique for getting the product into my hair.
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    Thanks ladies. I do not have a Sally's near me, but I live in NYC so I have plenty of other options. I really need something that penetrates the hair as opposed to just sitting on top (which is what usually happens with my non-porous hair). I can always feel RO's and LI's on the surface of my hair, but I can tell it's still dry on the inside.
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    Definitely Curl Rehab by Curl Junkie...I like the strawberry scent! This penetrates the hair...
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