Curly Boy- need product recommendations

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So my son and I are new to the CG method and my hair has been responding well. His, has not. I used to use J&J Baby Shampoo for Curly and Fructis conditioner. For styling I would either use the ISO line or the Fructis pomade on a daily basis. I LOVED this product and it did well in his hair, but I did notice his curls starting to fall over time I guess due to buildup.

Now we are co-washing and I was trying to use the ISO cream and Kinky Curly Custard but the humectants got me and he gets white dots. If I only use KCC his curls are very flat at the crown and I don't get much hold to keep the "bangs" out of his face. I also tried ArcAngel with the same result.

Fotos are: before I ever used products, with the Fructis, and now with either ArcAngel or KCC looks the same)67526_447335302085_744787085_5111614_4095281_n.jpg

377156_2838286997106_1257197880_33170736_488408086_n.jpgThanks in advance!
Waist-length 3a/2a (depending lol) Hip-length stretched

Three year old son with the same just a little lighter and a little shorter :wink:


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