Hello CGs! Help me be gentle, give advice for my 2b/3a hair (bit of a newbie)++

Hello curly community!
But because quite a bit of my hair is now in the Telogen, or resting, phase, I no longer have the thick head of bountiful curls most of you ladies are trying to enhance.

** just some background on my TE, SKIP if ya wan't
Never do a level 5-9 bleach job, corrective coloring, and keratin (/formaldehyde) treatment in the same month! Choose one (or better, none... especially the keratin treatment) or forever hold your piece!
In addition to raping my hair and scalp, things got worse after I did study abroad in Japan (bad nutrition, emotional shock, three types of sickness and loss of regular products on hair).

Basically, I've lost 50% or more of my hair, and its indeed still falling.
My question is this— how can I go about successfully:

:confused2:...or use a lighter, leave in type?
DETANGLE?!?!?! don't mind using cones here if i'm usin' a shampoo
Style in dry climates

also, should I buy a wide tooth comb? (i feel like the answer is yes, but would a denman be better?)

Any info you provide me would be awesome :happy11:

Thanks so much!

PS Though my hairs health is continuously bad I doubt I can find a hair twin, but I'm always on the lookout!! :nemo:
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    That's quite a story. First of all I would recommend you visiting a doctor to be sure there's no hidden disease causing this hair'troubles', if you didn't do that already.
    Secondly try being very gently with your scalp and hair. So skip the cones and sulfates in your routine and go for a shampoo with mild surfactants (like a natural baby shampoo) and if you're having difficulties detangling your hair (which you should always do when hair is wet) you could use a conditioner before combing with wide tooth comb (I'm not familiar with Denman).
    As a leave-in you could use an oil like coconut oil (if it's pure you could even use the cooking kind, I do!) When hair is wet you rub a tiny bit in your hands to warm and melt it, then scrunch into the ends (and lengths) of your hair. That should work great in colder climates.
    You could also do a scalp massage daily to encourage healthy hair growth.

    I'm not sure this answers all your questions. Hope this helps you some and don't be afraid to ask if you have more questions.
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