Great to start.. bad by noon

Anyone else have the same problem. I found my core products so far.
Curl Junkie Gentle Cleanser every other Wash
Giovanni Nutra Reconstruct or Garnier Triple Nutrition Cond
Kinky Curly Knot Today for Leave In
Kinkly Curly Custard for Curl Enhance
Curl Junkie Aloe Fix lite for hold
L'Oreal Creme Serum for after diffusing frizz

My hair is curly and soft and non crunchy (after diffusing and a scrunch with the serum)... the morning goes by and its looking STELLAR!!... about mid afternoon the frizz comes out... BOY does it come out... it's like my hair just drank all the moisture and needed another drink. The curls become more stringy and dry

NOWW this is why I dont cleanse everytime I wash (every other day or two) and why I switched to Giovanni (LOVE the way it feels) - even left it on overnight once a week

SOOO It could be it is losing moisture OR is it I dont have a good enought hold prod. I tried ROCK hard gelee once but it seemed to be really crunchy and i dont remember it scrunching out?

THIS IS almost a ques to help with my2nd day hair... where I slip on silk pillowcase with pineapple and though it's still's frizzy as all get out

(Hair is 3b, thick and dry since a highlite job, doesnt like mag it seems)


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    I sometimes have this problem, too. For me, it's when I need either extra moisture, extra hold, or both - so I think you're on target with your diagnostic.

    I find that while Knot Today is a great detangler, it isn't moisturizing enough for me as a leave-in, so that could be it, especially if you've had highlights. Curl Junkie condishes are superior in the moisture department, so maybe try one of those (you can choose with or without protein, as your hair desires). And I definitely need a hard hold gel to keep the afternoon frizz at bay. (BRHG is my holy grail for hard holding gels - I use a teeny amount, like 4 peas for my whole head, layered on top of my normal gel, and I have no problem scrunching it out when dry. My hair is soft and non-crunchy and stays defined for most of the day with BRHG.)

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    I think you got it. I might try the curl junkie condish. Might even try giovanni for leave in. I need to figure out if my hair likes protein or not. This still eludes me. I just found aussie instant freeze gel. And i love the consistency. I will let you know how that works and then may go back to rock hard gelee.
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    my hair loves oil, and it seems to fix every problem i have, so when i do get the after noon fizz, i just use a bit of oil, ill put it on my palms rubb them together, and just scrunch it in.

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    Netters272 wrote: »
    I think you got it. I might try the curl junkie condish. Might even try giovanni for leave in. I need to figure out if my hair likes protein or not. This still eludes me. I just found aussie instant freeze gel. And i love the consistency. I will let you know how that works and then may go back to rock hard gelee.
    I need hard hold gel otherwise I have poofy hair by afternoon. I have come to love Aussie IF with BRHG on top. I also use la looks power spikes (has protein) mixed with Aussie IF.

    I don't mind crunch though. I'll take it over poof!
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    I think it is one of those times that you may have to try a variety of things to find a solution for your hair & unfortunately the solution may change change with the dewpoints.

    After I add a curl enhancer (jelly, cream, pudding etc), I scrunch in some gel for hold. In low dewpoints, I use a light to medium hold. In high dewpoints, I use a stronger hold gel. I plop with a Curlease towel. After I'm finished with my makeup, I take the towel off and scrunch in a serum-type product. In higher dewpoints or when I am going in and out of varying temps or dewpoints, I prefer Curls Gel-les'c. In lower dewpoints or more stable environment, I like CIAB. Another good serum is KC Spiral Spritz; I like this one for 2nd day hair.

    I scrunch in between a nickel or quarter size amount and scrunch it in with my head upside down. I then diffuse.

    I find that this method keeps my curls well defined all day. I will occasionally scrunch in some Oyin Whipped Pudding or MGA Texturizing Paste. It helps keep the curls defined and prevents frizz. Another great product for moisture and frizz prevention is Califia Moisture Cream. You have to watch you don't overdo this type of product or you can end up with greasy looking or limp hair.

    Hope I have given you some ideas that may help. Good luck. 😊
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    I agree with a lot of the information you've been given. KCKT just isn't moisturizing enough for my hair. You need a more moisturizing rinse out and leave in.

    Determining your hair properties would be good, especially texture and porosity. Live Curly Live Free - Home is a great place to start. Struttswife's ebook would be a good investment for you to learn about your hair/ingredients, etc. It's all information you could find on it one place. Then you can look for folks with hair like yours and see what they use (in signatures) and possibly do.

    Many of us rotate products. Otherwise, our hair satiates and the products don't work. I wet, use a rinse out and style every day. I seldom use any product more then twice a week.

    It's all about getting the moisture/protein balance right. My hair never met a protein it didn't like. I do at least one moisturizing PT a week and use a lot of products with protein. Protein helps define my curls and reduces frizz (for me.) I use minute amounts of really rich products to style, so don't seem to need to DT (as long as I use moisturizing PT.)

    A good haircut is the foundation for it all. Be sure you have proper layering, so you hair is "laying" right and not going into a triangle (as it reaches for moisture, it makes the frizz look even worse.)

    And last of all, you need to consider where you live. If you live someplace where the dewpoints have dropped and the cold winter weather has arrived, you need to up the moisture. I use more layers of product in the winter. In the summer, it's a leave in OR curl enhancer followed by a jelly product. In the lower dewpoints, it's a leave in AND curl enhancer followed by a jelly product (my hair doesn't care for chemicals in gels, especially polyquats 4 and 10.)
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