Does anyone else use Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner?...

I have 2c type hair and use to my waves/curls were defined not too frizzy, but after dying my hair and using so many different products on it, I could never get them to look right anymore. They just looked frizzy and all over the place. Just a few days ago I started using Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner in my "no-poo" routine. After conditioning it I used a t-shirt to remove excess water and continued to put my usual leave-in conditioner and mousse in my hair. I was amazed and excited when my hair dried and my curls were back! Needless to say it was a good first time use of the conditioner. Used it a second time and same results :toothy8:

I was just wondering if anyone else uses it and what are their though on it? Good/bad results?
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    Hello. I'm typically a 3a/3b mix (when treating my curls like crap with sulfates over the past 20 years), high porosity, medium to thick density (cant confirm until my hair grows out), and medium to coarse texture (depending on the hair layer). I just started CG last night and this was the co-wash I used. I was a little worried because it has 2 ingredients I thought I might be allergic to, but after a strand test (walk around rite aid) my hair felt great. Of course it would work differently, person to person, but I was highly impressed. After a hack dye job on top of already dry hair, a short-ish cut to reconstruct my hair (that void's my curl pattern), a color correct, and a mislabeled product that damaged my hair further... it was about time that something impressed me, period. My hair immediately started to curl. After following the recommended drying/styling tips, and sleeping snugly under a satin cap, my hair maintained it's curl all night and all of today. I think this is widely used as a RO/LI more so than co wash, because of its deeper moisture but right now I need all the help I can get. *I did also buy a lighter co wash and sulfate free shampoo so I can switch it up, if need be* I can not comment on the frizz factor, yet. After 4 hours of air drying I had to break out the diffuser, which caused frizz. I will come back and tell you what I think after I've used this a few more times, and also gotten a little more suave at the method. I just know that right now my hair feels softer than it has in... I don't know if it's felt this soft since my natural curl returned in early 90's.

    Hope it is still working for you, and sorry for the length of this post. :)
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