Tried BS/ACV now I want to color

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I was still having issues with stringy hair so yesterdayI did the following;

1T baking soda & 3T Suave Kiwi Lime conditioner
wash hair with the mixture and followed up with

4T apple cider vinager with 32 oz warm water
rinsed the acv out with cool/cold water and followed with some GFTN conditioner. Left this on for the rest of my shower and rinsed out.

I didn't use any styler or anything else because I wanted to see how my hair was going to be.

At the end of the day my hair felt kinda dry : (

I need to color my hair this weekend and I was going to use the Neutral Protein Filler first but now I'm kinda worried about doing that since my hair is feeling rather dry. I've never used the NPF before.

Should I wait til Sunday to color and try to add moisture to my hair today, or would it be ok to just go ahead with the NPF and color. I will definitely use a DT after the color.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
2b fine texture, normal porosity/elasticity

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