What's Your Favorite Wintertime Gel?

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Just like the title says, wavies - share your favorite wintertime gel!

I'm still searching for mine - all of my attempts either come out with not enough hold, or they dry out my hair by the end of the day :(
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  • justajesuschickjustajesuschick Posts: 1,657Registered Users
    Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha or Spiral Solutions Firm Hold Gel. I top both with a touch of BRHG.
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    Trying/Maybe: Ecostyler, CJRM
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    I am still using Kinky-curly curling custard. But really I could use a recommendation. My hair has not been the same since winter hit. I feel like I'm back to having bad hair everyday and just want to put my hair up in a pony tail.
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    My waves have been flat and straight since winter hit here, too. Plus, I had my hair colored last weekend, and that also pulls out the waves for a week or two even more. :angry3: Thanks for the suggestions!
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    Hmm, I get nice results with KMFUM (Kiss my Face Upper Management) with a dab of (unscented) strong hold gel over it.
    Or with FSG to which I've added xanthan gum, aloe, protein, a little oil and a little agave (the agave adds more hold).
    Yesterday I got more frizz-free results than usual with aloe vera gel (the drinkable kind) plus some strong hold (unscented) gel.

    These are my year-round products, though. To prevent stringy clumps in winter I don't rinse out all my conditioner (I use a very light one). I also SOTC with a little oil or conditioner.
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    I prefer a softer hold, so I don't use hard holding gels even in summer. I like Pattern Pusha from CJ, Regular Aloe Fix from CJ, KCCC, UFDCM and Darcy's Botanicals Curling Cream Gel. I also use SS CEJ because even though it's mostly for enhancement it gives me some hold too.
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    I on team hard hold gel.
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    pedaheh wrote: »
    I on team hard hold gel.


    I really like CJ Curl Queen as a medium-firm hold gel. Big plus is it doesn't dry really crunchy in my hair.

    I haven't experimented enough with the CJ Pattern Pusha gel as it has given me weird results. Plus I just cut about 3 inches from my hair so it may work differently now!
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    pedaheh wrote: »
    I on team hard hold gel.

    :blob3: GO TEAM HARD HOLD GEL!!!

    When you mix hard hold gel / layer it over something like FSG, you get hair that doesn't look or feel like lawn ornaments. SOTC with oil or conditioner and it's touchably soft. Unlike lawn ornaments.